Beware the White Girl with a Yellow Fever Fetish!

by Heather · 356 comments

So where's the harm in a white girl having herself an Asian Man fetish?

So where's the harm in a white girl having herself an Asian Man fetish?

At AMWW Magazine, we talk a lot about how Asian men can go out there and get the girl they want. But we haven’t yet asked it’s equally as important question:

What White Girls Should You Avoid At All Cost?

So let’s take a look shall we? And who better to be your guide than the I- Heather- the girl who brought you the “Asian Boys Are Better” t-shirt!

Believe it or not, there are a lot of girls like me that prefer Asian guys.

Throughout the years, I’ve befriended many of them and seen so many similarities and differences. They’ve helped me understand my own preference, and I’ve been able to relate to them in ways I can’t relate to other people.

It’s refreshing, honestly, to be able to talk about Japanese bands, Korean actors, or Chinese pop and not have to go into any background information. They know what I’m talking about and are usually just as passionate, if not more so, than I am about it.

Take precaution with this kind of girl.

(And I’m not talking about the prophylactic kind of precaution here.)

Allow me to explain. There are so many girls out there that idolize the “ideal Asian man.”

She has a full blown case of Yellow Fever and complete Asian Man Fetish. Sounds great, right? But wait, let’s continue dissecting the psychology of this white girl…

This type of woman probably found her way into liking Asian guys via anime or Kpop and was influenced by these mediums to think that Asian men are a certain way. They probably tried teaching themselves Korean or Japanese and have a shallow understanding of whatever Asian country they are infatuated with. And many of these Yellow Fever girls have very specific tastes in the country of their Asian Man.

Starting to sound a little bitter weirder, eh?

When they think of an Asian guy, they’re thinking nice hair, lean yet muscular figure and pale skin. To them, Asian guys look like Taeyang, T.O.P. and Rain.

Essentially, these girls have fallen in love with the Hollywood ofthe East – they think that, since celebrities in South Korea or Japan are good-looking, the regular people must look that good, too. By that logic, people in the States must look like Brad Pitt and Megan Fox, but reasoning escapes this type of girl and they stand firm in their convictions.

Let's take a look at what kind of white girls you should avoid!

Yellow Fever white girls have VERY specific traits that they're looking for in an "Asian man."

Depending on the case, a girl can be even more extreme than that. I’ve taken par t in a plethora of conversations where girls were talking about their “preferences in Asian men.” The responses were along the lines of “I like Japanese men because their noses have better shape,” and “I love Korean guys because their hair is the best,” or something ridiculous like that.

Girls with this type of Asian Man fetish are starting to sound a little less appealing, now aren’t they? But there’s more…

NEVER were Southeast Asian countries mentioned whether from Thailand, Viet Nam, or Singapore, but that has little to do with the attractiveness of the men from those countries and everything to do with the media, or lack thereof, that comes out of them. Sometimes they’d even exclude the Chinese!

This kind of girl is now generalizing and stereotyping under the guise of being “open-minded.”

She’ll date Asian men, but she has a very narrow scope on what an Asian man actually is. Just as breeds of dogs are known for certain traits and temperaments, so too, in her mind, are Asian men.

I honestly had to convince one girl that not all Korean men beat their wives.

Another girl was stunned to find that a really handsome mutual friend was Viet because she hadn’t thought that Southeast Asian men could be attractive.

I’m not saying all girls that like Kpop or anime are like this. Some of the coolest girls I’ve ever met are able to tone down their interests and not let it interfere with their perceptions of Asian guys. All I’m saying is, in the rare instances where you’re hitting on a girl and she can reference more Asian pop-culture or speak more Chinese than you can, be careful.

She may not like you for anything more than your ethnicity. It’s a very shallow attraction, and any Asian guy could probably do it for her.

Then again, she could know Chinese not because she’s obsessed but because she dated a Chinese guy who taught her the language. She could listen to Japanese rock because she lived in Japan for a few years. She could love Korean movies because Asian Vengeance films have become their own genre on Netflix and she just picked them up one day.

Finding a girl like me with this preference is, in my opinion, going to be very rare. You may never come across her in a bar or club.

You may, however, cross paths, and you may want to get to know her better. If she likes Asian cultures but can function in the American one, you’ve found a winner.

If she’s just a tad TOO obsessed with Asian things, you may want to think twice before pursuing anything further!