Is a PUA Bootcamp a Scam? Heather Goes Undercover to Find Out: Part 1

by Heather · 7 comments

Heather having Korean BBQ with PUA Bootcamp students and wingwoman Sarah Ann!

Heather having Korean BBQ with PUA Bootcamp students and wingwoman Sarah Ann!

Hello there! Huggable Heather here!

Usually, I write about topics that generally apply to women or Asian men that like White women (as I am a writer for AMWW Magazine, this more or less makes sense). Today, though, I’m here to tell you about my experiences leading up to and during an ABCs of Attraction bootcamp and how I felt about it as a woman and an Asian male aficionado.

When JT Tran, the Asian Dating Coach, told me I would be joining them for the June Los Angeles PUA bootcamp, I was a little unsure as to what would go down. While I have been working for him on various projects and websites since November 2010 (mostly just writing), I was still fuzzy on the clientele, the community, and the overall goals of ABCs Of Attraction. I knew it wasn’t a scam, but at the same time I didn’t know what to expect.

I thought about what people had said to me in the past about my work:

  • Many people asked me if I liked working for a company that promoted the “whoring out” of Asian men.
  • Girls frequently commented that I was selling out my gender.
  • Many of my male Asian friends thought that the ABCs of Attraction PUA bootcamp was a scam.
  • One guy in particular would ask where ABCs of Attraction HQ was so he could physically sabotage the office or hurt JT himself!

I was appalled that so many people were against someone that not only helped Asian men out but helped me when I needed employment!

I kept quiet about my work, saying I wrote for some vague website when asked what I did for a living. It wasn’t that I was embarrrassed, because I really do love my job, but it was complicated to explain, especially when I knew so little.

Personally, I didn’t want to let other people influence my opinions, so I thought for quite some time about what I believed about the program. I decided that all I could really infer from my limited experiences with ABCs of Attraction was from what I had seen for my own eyes and there was no way I could tell if a PUA bootcamp was a scam or not unless I had actually seen it first hand.

First of all, I knew that ABCs of Attraction PUA Bootcamp wasn’t like any other program. What the other PUA programs were like I wasn’t sure, but I knew that they all carry the stigmas of sex-mongering cavemen or were scam artists. I figured that, since I had been in contact with JT for some time and knew that his clientele were the Asian men I love dating, they couldn’t be in the same category as the conniving, manipulative men they were made out to be.

Secondly, I figured that the men that took these programs were going to be…well, unattractive. Going in, I had these assumptions:

  • I imagined balding, dorky men that screamed “I NEED HELP” just by looking at them.
  • I expected to help these men dress themselves, do their hair, tell them to get contacts and to brush their teeth.
  • I figured that I would be doing most of the talking to the women during the clubs.
  • I assumed that they would get scared and run away.
  • That I would have to essentially drag them into a conversation with the girls they very much wanted to be with.
  • I was prepared for a lot of teeth-pulling, as I assumed that would be easier than getting these guys to talk to the women.

I was under the impression that this PUA bootcamp was, quite frankly, their last hope.

Lastly, I expected them to be unbearable. I thought I would be ecstatic to leave each day, knowing full well I had to deal with these goofy dorks again, trying to touch me with their clammy hands and fumbling with their pick up lines. I was certain one of them would have asthma and use his inhaler during awkward silences.

I was told to bring a notebook and pay attention but I thought I would be so mind-numbingly BORED that I packed a Nintendo DS just in case (yeah, I’m pretty nerdy myself).

  • So, how did it turn out?
  • Was I right about these men?
  • Did they learn how to manipulate women into having wild, steamy sex with them?
  • Did I brush their teeth?
  • Is a PUA bootcamp a scam?

Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion of what an ABCs of Attraction PUA Bootcamp bootcamp is really like!