Asian Men’s Hair: 5 Cool Styles That Attract Women

by JT Tran · 37 comments

Lin Yu Chun: Taiwan Singing Sensation & Poster Child for the Asian Bowl Cut

Lin Yu Chun: Taiwan Singing Sensation & Poster Child for the Asian Bowl Cut

Growing up, I had a hard time finding a cool hairstyle that worked for me. Quite frankly, I was pretty ashamed of my uncool hairstyle going straight into college because it was never as sexy, cool, or attractive as my peers in school, much less the movie stars I saw on the big screen.

I think a lot of Asian guys can relate to the cost savings measure that many an Asian parent put us through, namely the much dreaded Chilli Bowl or Mushroom Haircut. It’s literally what it sounds like, you simply put a bowl over your head and cut around in one big circle.

Alas, this avant garde unattractive hairstyle afforded me nary a glance from the young women of my high school. Pscyhologically scarred? Perhaps. Coiffure clueless? You betcha.

As an Asian dating coach, one of the easy things I can have a client do to instantly get him better success with women– or at least his foot in the door- is to spice up him up with a cool hairstyle in order to show off his virility as a man and sexual partner.

Now, be aware that like fashion itself, cool hairstyles for Asian men do change year by year, but I want to at least give you the big picture of how to have attractive men’s hair. From there, you can find more specific types of cool hairstyles and flavors of the month. At a minimum, always be prepared to spend at least $40 on good hair and $10 on hair product (like Difi, Sculpte, or Fructis Garnier).

Here are my Top 5 Asian Hairstyle Tips That Attract Women:

JT Tran sporting the Faux (Blood) Hawk
JT Tran sporting the Faux (Blood) Hawk
  1. Faux Hawk (or it’s edgier cousin, the BLOOD HAWK): Yes, it’s the David Beckham haircut and yes a ton of guys are sporting it now, but for the average office worker who punches into his 9 to 5 job, it’s the perfect choice. It’s can be as low or as high maintenance as you want. At night, said salaryman pushes his hair up, applies hair product, and ready to rule the roost with a cool hairstyle. By day, he pushes it down and to the side and now you’ve got mild mannered Clark Kent! If you really want to go edgier, do a few streaks of red through your hair for the Blood Hawk. Yes, it’s edgier and it definitely gets more attention.
  2. Emo Hairstyle for Asians

    Emo Hairstyle for Asians

  3. The Justin Beiber (or the edgier Asian Pop Star / Emo Hair): It’s the over the eyes because I’m a mysterious- yet oh so hip- Pop idol hair. Very popular amongst the Jpop and Kpop denizens. This one is a lot more high maintenance because it requires a straightening iron and hair product, but I’ve known a ton of girls who go ga-ga over this cool hairstyle. I will say no more before I too am consumed with Yellow Beiber Fever.
  4. Make it Rain with Long Asian Hair!

    Make it Rain with Long Asian Hair!

  5. The Yellow Fabio (or the Rain Maker): Think Rain from Ninja Assassin. Long, beautiful locks on a man can drive women to distraction. Hell, look at all the cool hairstyles of rock stars of years ago who landed the punani. One of my coaches, Gareth Jones, has the kind of long blonde, rocker hair that has literally stopped girls in their tracks. This one is really high maintenance, but worth it if you can rock it.
  6. Asian Bad Ass Style: No Hair!

    Asian Bad Ass Style: No Hair!

  7. The Turtle (the Shaolin Bad Ass!): Hey, some of us are going to be born with a receding hairline or straight up baldness. That’s just Genetic Poker for you and you can’t do anything about it barring artificial solutions. Do what all the handsome African American leading men do. BICK IT. Shave it to the skin and rock that look. It’s go BIG or go HOME. Women love rubbing a baby smooth, sexy noggin. Note: Get a tan if you’re pasty and pale.
  8. The Asian Fedora Look

    The Asian Fedora Look

  9. The Fedora: Maybe you don’t want to call it quits on the last wispy vestiges of your uncool hairstyle. Or maybe you don’t have the aggressive, physical body to pull off the “I just got out of jail and I can benchpress 400 pounds” bald headed, inmate look. I totally dig it. Instead, go with the less lifestyle changing option. RAT PACK IT! Get yourself a Frank Sinatra inspired fedora. It says style, panache, and a little moxy going for the unconventional, yet classy, look of a fedora.

And there you have it gentlemen, 5 Hairstyles That’s Guaranteed to Catch a Girl’s Eye whether you’ve got long curls, short locks, or none at all!

  • Heather

    Hair can work miracles. I have to agree here. I’m a fan of numbers 2 and 3 myself…just saying.

  • Frank

    gonna go with 4…. i don’t have the patience to maintain 1-3. five could definitely work…. just gotta find the right suit with it.

  • LOL. Hey, I’ve just got to say growing up in a Hispanic culture, the haircuts they guys had were equally as lame.

    • Your right it a joke. I see many filipinos hair looks more professional sytle haircut. Yes I love spicy latina has well

  • Anonymous

    Hey, we had our own variation of the bowl cut down south. 🙂 I do think the emo look above is kinda sexy.

    • oz

      lol I was stationed in the south and I didn’t see any asians at all outside our somewhat more diverse base.

  • Great advice! I don’t want to spark any animosity between communities, but just after living in Asia for 9 years, in Taiwan, Korea and now China… I have to admit, the guys with the best hair and overall looks are by far Koreans, at least in Seoul area. They might not all look like Rain, granted, but they do take pride in their appearance, get cool haircuts, groom well, dress smart and just have style in general.
    So gentlemen, for that next haircut that is sure to get the attention of finer Asian aficionadas, please take a look at Korean websites! Cool hair guaranteed!

    • Wrong filipinos are the best looking and most handsome. They are also most strongest of the asian.

      • Shizuko

        filipinos? as if

  • Taipeiracer

    Not necessarily. Checkout this video from a highly popular Asian drama:

    You will see the same guy with both mushroom haircut and cool haircut. He got the girl with the mushroom haircut and nerdy clothes (always buttoned to the top), but had a hell of a time chasing her with the fancy clothes and the cool haircut. It’s hilarious!

  • Taipeiracer

    See this trailer for some really cool haircuts:

  • Thedarkenedfox

    How do you tell your asian man you want him to grow his hair out a little for look #2? He’s used to keeping his bangs cut pretty neatly, but i’d love to see his hair messier, i guess just playing with it using dry wax works for the faux hawk lol

    • Buy him a flat iron 😉

      It also depends on how much maintenance he’s willing to put in his hair.

  • Mayzeszalay

    My asian guy’s hair Naturally CURLS =D beautiful one-inch locks, his hair is quite coarse/wiry (no body hair thankfully). He is ashamed of it! He insists on getting line-ups and keeping it cut short. I like the expected shiny, straight black hair but the curly is really great. It’s rare, though, and would probably look sad if artificially attempted.

  • JustSome

    A lot of these hairstyles look cute — but I tend to prefer a guy who is low maintenance. I like a clean cut look. Granted, I don’t watch anime, listen to asian music, or watch asian films — so perhaps I’m in the minority with my clean-cut preference.

    Also, I don’t know how well received these looks would be in the professional world. They may suit men in high-school/university just fine, but I have a hard time believing a doctor, engineer, accountant etc… could actually walk into the office sporting a bowl cut and a fedora, or Bieber hair for that matter.

    [P.s. I am a ‘white’ [or mediterranean] female who has a preference for asian males just incase anyone was wondering – interesting website!]

    • A doctor, engineer or anyone else could sport the bald look. My Viet fiance is an engineer with semi-spikey hair. The thing is, it combs down when necessary. The only one that would have an issue in the professional world is the Justin Beiber hair, but like J.T. said. It’s mostly Jpop and Kpop guys.

  • Anonymous

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  • Great post! Thanks for the tips you’ve shared. I must try this.

  • jing

    where is afro??? this is so hair-cism

  • Brandon Guthrie

    Thanks for the hair tips! All of them really looks cool. But maybe, I should try the first one.

  • I don’t go #1 because seems like 90% of the Asian guy at my university has a faux hawk.
    #2 and #3 are too long and annoying to maintain so I just do a much shorter version of #2. Works great for me lol.
    My bro’s in the army and he has #4. Heard it works great for him but then again, he’s like really toned so idk.

    • cjh

      I agree… Any hair looks good when you’re toned but even the best hair cut looks god awful when you’re fat…

  • vat2nike

    I usually alternate between tutle and faux. But not the same as JT’s faux. Slightly, altered. And I cant really stand the longer hairs.

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  • I love the Emo and fedora look! <3 hoho

    • What dont you like the flock of seagull look? hahahaha

      • cjh

        What’s that?

  • Lol

    nnnooooo fedooorraasss uggghhhhh

  • Lol

    nnnooooo fedooorraasss uggghhhhh

  • Ruin

    Funny thing, but I actually like all of these hairstyles, as long as it suits the guy in question, and as long as he doesn’thave to sacrifice personal hygiene to keep it, I’m fine with anything. As long as a guy looks well-groomed and knows how to keep himself looking nice, I don’t mind – if you fine that you can keep yourself clean and good-looking with whatever hairstyle you have, that’s always a bonus. No greasey locks, please!!!

  • God Bi Rain is so cute. 

  • ctdancer

    This part-Asian teen styled his hair in a mohawk and soon after, all the boys in school wanted to have mohawks!  (That teenager is my son.  But…sorry ladies, he’s gay)

  • JamesL

    I went with the bad-ass no hair style; although my profile pic suggests otherwise; I was in dire need of a cut.

  • cjh

    Oh JT! What a joke. The best cut for men is short hair. It looks very good on all Asian males no what their age or occupation. The other choice maight be a crewcut. I highly advise against the faux hawk just in general (it looks stupid to be honest) but lol its up to you.

    • bobby bobby

      Alot of Women love k pop hair ( k pop stars in general) for some reason it works so well for almost all asain guys but only some white guys but that’s really it.

  • cjh

    Also, I just have to laugh at that Beiber/K-pop hair. It looks pretty bad in that picture but truth be told, I have had such hair when I was younger and believed I looked amazing… Those were the good old days.

  • janice

    this is all bs if everything is really just gross :@