13 Evil Women Who Exploit Asian Men (Part 2)

by JT Tran · 84 comments

So we got a huge amount of reaction from Part 1 of our 13 Evil Women Who Exploit Asian Men article. A lot of people found it entertaining as well as truthful, maybe seeing some of the aspects in their friends or observed it in some relationships.

While on the other spectrum of comments was, “Why are you bashing women who like Asian men?” “Why would you do that?” kind of deal. The thinking being that I’m supposed to unite all women (white or otherwise) with their Asian male counterpart, right??? Yes and no.

I obviously want to open up the dating field and create an equal playing field for Asian men, but NOT at the cost of having lower quality women in our lives. Just having more women interested in Asian men is NOT enough. These girls should be quality women: beautiful, attractive, intelligent, fun, articulate, adventurous and educated. And whom will treat you as well as you treat her, as the Asian gentleman that you are.

Basically, desireable people get exploited for their looks, fame, power, and money. If you were not desired then people would not search you out in order to exploit you. But because Asian men ARE desirable, there will be women who will be going out of their way to search for and specifically exploit you. Thus, while this list is tongue-in-cheek, it also gives fair warning to my Asian brethren out there. If you’re a good-no, great- Asian man, then there will be women out to take advantage of you if you don’t watch out.

So just because a woman just happens to like Asian men, that does not mean you need or should settle for her. She needs to have better qualities and credentials than the fact that she has a yellow fever for Asian men. That’s simply not a good enough reason to date her. High quality men have higher standards and so should you. Aim higher and get the woman you deserve.

Generally speaking, the second part of the list contains the more attractive and physically beautiful of the women, although exceptions always exist. These are also the most wily, crafty, and manipulative as these girls are the most socially experienced and emotionally intelligent of women.

So without further ado…

#7: Attention Whores

When Attention Whorism meets Plastic Surgery, welcome Heidi Montag!

When Attention Whorism smashes into Plastic Surgery, you get a Heidi Montag!

We all have this kind of girl on our Facebook or Twitter. She’s the type that updates everyone on her life at every given moment.

  • A trip to Wal-Mart? Status update.
  • A bubble bath? Pictures.
  • New freckle near the left eye? Tweet.
  • Dropping a deuce? SMS that shit!

This kind of girl cannot fathom that there may be someone in the world that just does not care about her. If she doesn’t have enough attention, she will do what it takes to get it. The kind of guy she chooses simply has to keep up – she won’t stand for competition for the center of the universe.

A seemingly favorable choice for her has been Asian guys, since the stereotypes of “quiet and submissive” in Asian culture pique her interests. She enjoys the idea of all the stares she’ll get when she walks down the street arm in arm with her Asian boyfriend, feeding upon that attention. She’ll acquire him with her bubbly, quirky, almost ADHD personality and keep him there to be her own personal cheerleader.

HOW TO AVOID HER: Unless you’re prepared for a lot of bathroom, duckface cell phone pictures, you won’t be able to stand this for very long. An easy way to gauge this (other than by taking a peek at her Facebook) is by just talking. That’s it. Just talk. About yourself, your grandma, that bagel you ate last Tuesday. Anything. If she interrupts, changes the topic, or simply does not listen, she’s not going to change. A futile effort, it’s best to just get out of this one before your own self-worth decreases (and she breaks out the pom poms).

#6) Rebels (Without a Cause):

She's a Rebel Without a Cause and Something to Prove

She's a Rebel Without a Cause and Something to Prove

Tattoos. Piercings. Vibrantly colored hair. Eccentric makeup. This girl has a statement to make, and she makes it loudly: I AM DIFFERENT!

Everything she does is a reflection about who she is and what she’s about. She won’t wear American Eagle because it’s too cliché, she won’t buy an iPhone because everyone else is doing it, and she doesn’t want to date a typical White guy because everyone expects her to. All her crazy gear, accouterments and clothing are a form of peacocking, but in a “I’m a rebellious woman, hear me roar!” kind of way.

By dating an Asian man, she doesn’t fit the typical White girl bill – she becomes totally different, something society wouldn’t perceive her to be. As such, the Asian guy on her biker-spiked arm becomes an extension of her master plan to “stick it to the man”.

HOW TO AVOID HER: A fellow rebellious Asian man may be able to tame her, but keep in mind that these girls eventually grow up and move onto something more familiar, like a White guy. This is most likely just a phase, something she’s trying to prove in her earlier years. Don’t try to keep up with this girl – ask her flat out why she likes you. If it just sounds like she’s trying to get back at daddy, it’s best to let this rebel continue without a cause.

#5) Mommy Cuckoo:

Elizabeth Hurley is a prime example of a Mommy Cuckoo who snagged herself an Indian business tycoon

Elizabeth Hurley is a prime example of a Mommy Cuckoo who snagged herself an Indian business tycoon

No, I don’t mean these girls are crazy for cuckoo puffs. They’re actually named after the common cuckoo that will lay an egg in a Reed Warbler’s nest and push one of the original eggs out in order to force the other birds to raise the children as his own. That’s right. These women are some of the most beautiful, but complicated women of all to get involved with because they don’t come alone: They carry baby baggage!

Again, our positive stereotypes come back to haunt us like our:

  • Loyalty
  • Fidelity
  • Family bond
  • Familial caring

Are all things that she’s looking for now that the original baby-daddy, the alpha badboy male that knocked her up, is out of the picture. These are the bad girls gone done good now that they’re saddled with the responsibility of taking care of a baby. Thus they come seeking Asian men with the intent of finding a said replacement baby-daddy.

They’re the beautiful former prom queens and cheerleaders, knocked up by the high school quarterback, turned single mom that desperately need a man’s help to raise the child now that the alpha male is out of the picture. They’re looking for a few good high value beta Asian men, but for all the wrong reasons. It’s one thing to happen to have a kid and fall in love with someone, but another matter entirely to be sought out specifically as a potential good father/sucker to raise a child that isn’t yours while she lives a life she doesn’t deserve.

HOW TO AVOID HER: The easy thing would be to tell you to avoid women with kids, but that leaves a lot of good women hanging. There are some single moms that have their shit together and are able to provide for them while looking for a significant other. Then there are the other women that literally want to dump the baby off on you. The way to differentiate the two is as such – don’t become a doormat. If she needs help here and there that’s one thing, but if she’s asking for hundreds of dollars at a time for undisclosed reasons while dropping the kid off at your place while she does God knows what, it’s time to let this single mom continue to mingle elsewhere.

# 4) Cuckoldress:

When a Cuckholdress cuckholds, a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do

When a Cuckholdress cuckholds, a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do

A cuckold, as you know, is a man that has an unfaithful spouse. He’s diligently making money and providing for the family as she runs off to be pleasured by another man. The woman in this scenario is called a cuckoldress, and she loves her some Asian men and she uses her sex- either in the promise of giving it or the punishment of withholding it- to keep her high value, but beta Asian male in place.

She sees them as submissive to her dominant personality, and likes to use them for stability and comfort while she plays around with other men. While you may think she’s different and really is a loyal person, old habits die hard for this sexy bird and she’s not about to change her ways. She’s looking for beta male to keep the home fires burning and waiting patiently at home while she’s stroking the hearth with someone else.

HOW TO AVOID HER: Don’t be submissive – you’re the man, and real women understand your ability and need to take charge in a relationship. Don’t let her get away with this kind of behavior. If she insists upon leaving you at home on long weekends while she’s off with her “friends” then invite a few of your own and reap in some “benefits”. This will either make her come to terms with what’s fair or she’ll walk out the door.

#3) Queen Bee:

Queen bees will rule your world if you're not careful!

Queen bees will rule your world if you're not careful!

This royal pain in the ass is clever, indeed! She has many followers that try to find favor with her wherever she goes. She handpicks her right-hand men and faithful posse to help her create a sense of value over everyone else. Girls either love her or hate her, as there is no in-between, and guys are constantly falling over her feet.

She chooses Asian men not because she likes to date them but because she knows that they can be desperate for female attention. If an Asian man has won her over, then he’s in, and as long as he doesn’t get too comfortable, he won’t fall very hard. Although she’s the queen, she’s not looking for her knight in shining armor – she will reign for as long as she possibly can, letting no man take over her rule.

HOW TO AVOID HER: The queen bee is crafty, so the signs may be hard to spot at first but come easily after some practice. She is aloof yet witty, and most often reserved. She prefers people to come to her and seek her attention rather than taking it. If you find that you’re doing most of the following and you’re changing to be more like her, then you’re under this majesty’s rule. This woman will only yield her throne for the right man after a LOT of work – she’s probably not worth it. Let her keep the crown so you can keep your pride.

# 2) Russian Princess:

Maria Sharapova is one icy hot Russian Princess!

Maria Sharapova is one icy hot Russian Princess!

Like Sirens, the Ruskie isn’t a true race fetishist, but between the meager Russian economy, vodka -soaked men, and an uncertain future (not to mention crime), a Russian princess’s best bet is to make a hookup run across the Chinese border where there will be 24 million more men than women.

It helps that our positive Asian stereotypes are educated, financially stable, caring, loyal, family oriented, and safe – all things Russia is not. While not all Russian women are into Asian men for this reason, it can certainly play a part on many occasions.

HOW TO AVOID HER: This one is fairly simple – check her citizenship status. If she’s a citizen of your country, there’s no reason for her to be hooking up with you for political purposes so you’re in the clear. If she has a green card or is an illegal immigrant, however, keep in mind that this Russian matryoshka doll may be looking for something a little extra that just anyone can give her – a citizen’s last name. See how interested she is in you. If she’s showing genuine interest by bringing you home to the family for some of mamulya’s borscht then she’s probably for real. If she’s forcing papers under your face for her immigration and talking about white picket fences and a yard with a dog after a month or two of dating then it may just be time to tell her dasveedanja.

# 1) Sirens:

Elin Nordegren (and twin) is a prime example of a Siren, having snagged herself a billionaire half-Asian man while roaming the golfing circuit

Elin Nordegren (and twin) is a prime example of a Siren, having snagged herself a half-Asian billionaire boy-man while roaming the golfing circuit

Just like the fabled mythological women of yore that drew sailors in with their captivating song for their sadistic pleasure of watching them crash onto the rocks, sirens seek out men of what they deem to be high value, either with work, education, or money, and they use them to boost their own value and notoriety. These nymphs are probably the most beautiful and attractive of all the exploitive types of women, commonly being models and other professions that put them in daily contact with the rich and powerful.

If you’re Ivy League educated, a Wall Street gentleman, or Hollywood famous, then watch out! And you, my successful Asian brother, are a piece of prime Grade A meat for her libido barbecue because as a gorgeous model (or PR rep, event coordinator, and whathaveyou) she has access to high profile, wealthy, and powerful Asian men and that’s exactly what she’s hunting for. They intentionally ingratiate themselves into power circles whether it’s getting a membership at the Harvard Club, attending charity events, yachting, polo watching, Fashion Week parties and other high profile events.

Some of the richest and most successful of my clientele, from millionaires to doctors and lawyers and hedge fund managers to the odd actor, CEO, and politician thrown-in, have all reported first-hand to me of having a bittersweet romantic encounter with this most beautiful of exploitative women. And this is one lady that I’ve had both the fortune and misfortune of having a tryst with.

She may be nothing if she is on her own, but with valued exes under her belt, she becomes worth more herself, even a legend – hence, the myth of the infamous siren. At the right place, at the right time, with the right connections and right look, she uses it to snag her a power player.

NOTE: Sirens are different from the Gold Digger class in that Sirens are almost always physically beautiful, well connected, socially savvy and aren’t necessarily race fetishists. They’ve just unconsciously associated Asian men with wealth and power because, well, a lot of Asian men are wealthy and powerful. Gold diggers aren’t necessarily beautiful and do have a fetish.. .

HOW TO AVOID HER: Don’t crash on her shore – figure out why she’s singing her siren song to you in the first place. Evaluate what you have that she wants before jumping ship. Nice car? She probably wants to go places where she’ll be seen in it to increase her status. Fat paycheck? She probably likes being able to go into department stores, knowing her Asian boyfriend can buy and sell anything in them. Find out by asking her to drive a couple times or buy her own designer purses and see how long she sticks around.