How I Met My Asian Boyfriend, Part 2

by Brooks · 14 comments

Featured AMWW Magazine Writer Brooks

Featured AMWW Magazine Writer Brooks

To all of you who read my first article “How I Got My Hot Asian Boyfriend, Part 1” I’d like to thank you for taking the time to do so. I’m sorry the follow up article has taken so long. I’ve been very busy but now I’m ready to give you a bit more.

So I went home that night with this guy on my mind the entire drive home. I was in a trance of some kind it seemed. I was so annoyed that he had left me so abruptly but still so fascinated.

My cousin who was with me at the time said “Hellllllo…snap out of it. This is just a phase. You’ll be over it by next week.”

I said “I don’t think so, this time…”

The drive home was about 40 minutes and almost half way home my phone buzzed, my heart skipped a beat and my stomach had butterflies. I didn’t even know who it was but I was hopeful. I looked down at my phone, opened the message and it was HIM texting me.

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The message read, “Hey, are still in town?

I squealed in delight…”Ahh it’s him!

My cousin says “What? What’s he want?

I read it to her. She laughs, asks me if i’m going to respond. “Yes, but not right away.

So I wait the agonizing 20 more minute drive home, and then wait an additional 30 minutes while I get ready for bed. Once in bed I then decide to respond.

I text with a little annoyance… “Nope , i’m in bed – Nice to meet you though. Have a good night

See girls play this game too. Why? because we can and it keeps you men on edge.

(If a girl answers you with short , brief texts like this it can be confusing because

A) She is really into you but annoyed with you for wronging her some how


B) She could be completely not into you and just trying to cut the convo off quick.

She will give you signs to know if you are being given the A. or the B. It’s up to you to detect)

Make sure you don’t start being an A.. because she’s coming off as a Bitch (A little humor)!

His next text was apologizing for having to take off so quick and how he really wished I would have stayed. I agreed but said I was tired and was going to sleep. Truth was I layed there for hours unable to sleep, thinking about this guy and when I would see him next.

I knew it was not going to be easy as I was going through a divorce and knew in my heart I should not be jumping into anything. I’d never been single since I was 13 years old

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I’d spent half my life being tied to a single guy. I eventually fell asleep, and woke up . He was first thing that crossed my mind.

I wanted so badly to text him but made myself wait. Did not hear from him that entire day. So disappointed, but my anticipation built as I waited and waited.

2 days went by and still nothing! i had some concert tix so I asked our mutual friend (the one that had been in the ER) if she wanted to go and I asked her to ask “him” if he wanted to come with us.

Long story short we all met up and went to the concert. He was looking handsome as ever. It was here he planted some subtle moves on me.

  1. He stood very close.
  2. He took my hand in his.
  3. At the end of the night he tried to plant one on me!
  4. Failed because I was determined to take this slow!

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I wanted it but I didn’t want to come off easy and wanted him to earn it (another pointer to be learned here. If you stand in her “bubble” or personal space and she doesnt step back then she is feeling you…after awhile you then can move in for the hand).

If she holds your hand back then you have SUCCESS! and #3 if you move in for the kiss and she doesn’t go for that it does not mean she didn’t want it , it may mean she was like me a LADY… and those are hard to find. Trust me on this.

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If she’s allowing you in her bubble and holding your hand , that long awaited kiss is not too far off! Just be patient it will be well worth the wait.

No one likes clingy people, unless of course, you yourself are one of those that crave the attention. This is especially true on the initial encounter.

If you find that a female is staying close to you, reinvigorating the conversation and excessively flirting with you, chances are she is really into you!

Until next time!


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