About AMWW Magazine

Sarah Ann: ABCs Wing Girl and AMWW Featured Author

Sarah Ann: ABCs of Attraction Wing Girl and AMWW Featured Author

AMWW Magazine is the Asian Man & White Woman’s Interracial Lifestyle & Dating Guide.

We are a resource for both men and women in order to learn how to connect and hopefully meet their romantic, cross-cultural partner. Whether it’s for a brief, passionate and illicit one time liaison to a lifelong romance that smolders well into the twilight of your life, our interracial dating advice blog aims to give both men and women practical and solid information from both sides of the gender lines on how to improve your dating, sex, and love life.

Featured AMWW Female Authors are chosen for their unique insights having been in various stages of relationships with their Asian men themselves, ranging from full-blown yellow fever to just casual dalliances. Counted amongst our roster is one of the most beautiful wing-girls out there who actively helps her Asian students talk to the most attractive and intimidating women you could ever hope to date (and Sarah Ann has dated a couple of Asian men in her lifetime so you know she’s down with the cause).

If you have specific questions you would like to ask any of our our AMWW Featured Girls, then feel free to contact us.

AMWW is also sponsored in part by the ABCs of Attraction: The Multicultural Confidence & Pick Up Arts Training company, one of the most well-reviewed and effective groups out there, and their CEO, JT Tran who has been Voted the #1 Asian Dating Coach in the World.

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