VIDEO: Why I Am Not Interested in Dating Asian Men (HINT: The reason isn’t what you think!)

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“Hey this is Kate and I was recently approached with the question as to why I am not interested in dating Asian men.

To be frank I think that most Asian men are really interested in other Asian women, at least what I have seen throughout my friends because I do have a lot of Asian friends, male and female and most of them end up dating Asians.

I am not too sure if that’s a cultural thing or if it’s just a personal preference but to me that is what I have seen. Another thing that concerns me with dating Asian men is that I have never actually been approached by an Asian man. I don’t know if possibly its because of their personal preference not being interested in me as a person or interested in dating a white female or whatever their reasoning may be, possibly is that maybe they lack the confidence.

Which I would really have to say I am sorry for because I do find occasional Asian men to be attractive I mean not all but occasional ones are just as with any other man of any other race, you know there are like few that I really do find extremely attractive.

There are those men in the Asian race so if that’s the case for Asian men I definitely suggest that you guys just forget about any prerequisite that a woman may have in order to have a dating partner and go ahead and just go out there and approach us because we are approachable and its says a lot for you as a personal person and also for your whole race, your whole standard, your whole ethnicity, your whole sector of men if you are going to go ahead and approach us, be out of the norm and approach me because you never know what is going to happen.

Kate on why she doesn't date Asian men. HINT: It's not what you think!

Kate on why she doesn't date Asian men. HINT: It's not what you think!

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