VIDEO: How Asian Men Should Approach Women

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“Hey its Kate from Los Angeles, and recently I have been asked by certain guys as to whether or not they want me to approach them or if I want a man to approach me and they are also kind of concerned with what singles women are giving off and if they really are actually giving off singles so a man will come to them.

I am here to clear up all the confusion for you guys. It’s as simple as this, me personally, let me make that clear, personally where other women may not feel the same as me but I personally do enjoy it when a man is going to approach me. I like to feel like the man really is looking at me and he sees something special about me.

Sure I like to be able to look at a man and see something special in and its sometimes a good idea for me to go ahead and make the approach to a man but when it comes down to it I think the man should have the balls enough to come up to me and just start talking to me.

The best approach that works for me is when you come up either on my side or just to my face. Never come up from behind me I’ve had a couple of those and they turn out to give me the feeling like stalkish crazy guys and I didn’t really like that.

It would be a cute idea even if you guys even wanted to start dancing with me I mean I am in the middle of the dance floor and I am already dancing with another guy, just politely cut in it would be really cute just as long as you can tell that is not my boyfriend because if I have a boyfriend and you cut in you may look kind of like an asshole. But we are hoping that I am not going to have a boyfriend when you see me, right exactly. So you guys can go ahead and cut in while I am dancing or you can come up to me while I am at the bar, you can make a move to help move my groceries when I am leaving the grocery store.

Any kind of simple approach from the side or the front make eye contact with me and smile. Don’t worry about how silly you feel or how funny you think you look chances are if you have confidence you are not going to look or feel silly. Because I am totally going to be into the confidence that you are showing me,and I love it just be yourself smile and make eye contract.

Kate on how Asian men should approach her.

Kate on how Asian men should approach her.

I’m telling you guy’s eye contact and smiling makes all the difference. Go ahead and approach me I would really love it.I hope you guys have a great day and I hope this confidence booster has really been able to do its job.

So thanks and I’ll talk to you guys soon.