Response: ‘Rachet White Girl Is Back Teaching How To Become Asian! (Starts Sterotyping)’

by Heather · 3,218 comments

AMWW Magazine Responds Rachet Racist White-Girl

AMWW Magazine Responds Rachet Racist White-Girl

Hey readers! Huggable Heather here, yet again, reporting on another ignorant, racist White girl on Asians. While she’s not viral to the extent of Alexandra Wallace (and that may have more to do with the fact that Alexandra was an aspiring model), she makes up for it by being more distasteful and tactless in her topics and deliverance.

This girl is prompted to make a video just in time for her friend’s birthday, who just so happens to be Asian. As she ponders this occasion, she comes to the realization that she has no idea what it’s like to be Asian and does her own research.

With a playlist including “Kung-Fu Fighting” by Carl Douglas, she gives us a “how-to” guide on how to be Asian.

First, she recognizes a difference in eye-shape. Since many Asians have a single-fold eyelid, she “rectifies” this problem by pulling out clear scotch tape (initially, this is where I shut off the video since these things always make my blood boil, but since I needed to do a review on this, I pressed on and forced myself to continue) but suggested duct tape for those who are more “hard core wanting to be Asian”. She proceeded to tape her eyes down until they were almost completely shut, but opened just a little so she could see.

Is she stupid or trolling?

Is she stupid or trolling?

After she solved the eyelid problem, she then addressed the skin tone issue. She did so by pulling out a bottle of mustard and rubbed it all over her face. At this point, I am reminded of the picture commonly used on the internet where Fry from Futurama is squinting with the underlying caption “Can’t tell if stupid or just trolling.” I seriously am wondering if anyone can be this stupid.

The next step in the Asian transformation process is to change your name. She achieved this by dropping a fork on the table and using the sound it made as a name – she is henceforth “Ching Chong”. The more I press on, the more I wonder if she is trolling or just insanely stupid. She continued this by changing her “F” grade to an “A+” and ate ramen noodles, noting that Asians love ramen because it reminds them of cat intestines.

The final instruction she gives is in regard to tastes in porn. She advises you to be into some really freaky stuff, such as peeing on a reptile. She then treats us to two girls peeing on an octopus (NSFW).

Upon finishing the video, I’m still unsure as to whether or not she was trolling or just stupid. I’m leaning more towards trolling since she knows how to do some basic video editing and included tentacle porn. That being said, I still find it pretty unacceptable.

Let’s say she made this video about African-Americans. If she taught you how to be African-American by painting your face black and eating fried chicken, it would get more negative attention and would be considered incredibly racist.

So why is it any different when she rubs mustard on her face and names herself Ching Chong?

If it is unacceptable to be racist against one group of people, it is unacceptable to be racist against any others.

I know some readers posted in my last article about Alexandra Wallace and how I shouldn’t get upset – how Asian guys could handle themselves and they didn’t need some random White chick getting up in arms about it for them.

While I completely agree that it is not up to White people to deem what is racist to other groups and what isn’t, I’m not just doing this on the behalf of Asians and Asian-Americans. I personally am offended by this video. It made me sick to my stomach to watch. I couldn’t believe she had the audacity to post something like this, trolling or not. People that are non-Asian and actually do hold these stereotypes against Asians will positively reinforce this behavior and cause more discrimination against Asians and Asian-Americans in general, publically and privately.

So, while some of you may think this won’t do anything and is harmless, consider this (which is all dating research I did on behalf of JT “Asian Playboy” Tran):

  • Asian-Americans are the fastest growing victims of hate crime in the US. (CS Poly, Pomona).
  • Out of the 199 Asian-Americans followed, 99% reported at least one incident of hate, racism, stereotypes or slander everyday for a year.(Journal of Counseling Psychology, 2010)
  • At the age of 18, Asian-American students reported that 72% were virgins. Compare this to the 33% of Blacks, 45% of Hispanics and 52%of Whites that reported themselves as virgins at age 18. Asian males have the highest median age of losing their virginity: 18.1 years old. (Journal of Sex Research, 2002)
  • 16% of US born Asian women have contemplated suicide. Compare this to 13% of all Americans. (University of Washington)
  • Asians are paid three cents less than Whites, even though they’re twice as likely to hold an advanced degree. (US Census)
  • 27% of White males never marry and 35% of Asian males never marry. That difference is 8%. 21% of White women never marry and 26% of Asian women never marry. That difference is 5%. The total number of Asian men (above the age of 15) that never married is: 1,352,040. (US Census Bureau, 2000)

While I am by no means claiming she caused the inequalities felt by Asian-Americans, the video demonstrates some of the biases and racism exhibited by the American society at large. She is repeating the stereotypes she knows because she was influenced by others around her. She, in turn, will influence others, causing a positive feedback loop. If we are to create a more inviting, equal environment for Asian-Americans, we need to nip this behavior in the bud and let her know that this is not right (and just one of the many reasons I love working here at AMWW Magazine and the ABCs of Attraction).

This nameless, most likely trolling girl did not receive the same attention as Alexandra Wallace. That does not mean, however, that we should condone her actions. So, while some of you will say that Asians should “take it in stride”, be aware that this video is an example of how even the most harmless of people have been impacted by racist stereotypes, meaning it’s entirely possible that those in a position to hire, elect and marry have been as well.

Agree or disagree with me? Sound off in the comments and thanks for reading!