The Cute Girl’s Guide on How to Meet and Date Asian Men

by Heather · 117 comments

9 out of 10 women agree... Asian boyfriends are better!

9 out of 10 women agree... Asian boyfriends are better!

Hello again! Huggable Heather with some dating advice for all the cute girls out there who are crazy for Asian guys but have no idea how to meet much less talk to Asian men! I put my head together with JT Tran, the Asian Dating Coach, and even solicited the advice from my fellow ladies who exclusively love them some Asian men.

Now, JT Tran firmly believes that it is the Asian man’s duty and privilege to approach women with confidence in order to kickstart the courtship ritual. However, he also recognizes that sometimes we ladies of the 21st century are tired of waiting around for our Asian Prince Charming to sweep us off our feet and instead a cute girl has gotta do what cute girl has got to do and take matters into our own manicured hands.

So I (and several other women who were persuaded to contribute) am here to give a few tips and pointers that have worked for me in the past and how you can apply them in your dating life!

First thing’s first – not all Asian guys are alike.

Just like how not all guys are alike, not every Asian guy is going to be the same. As such, there is no end-all tactic how to meet and to date Asian men.

You wouldn’t like it if some guy said “all cute girls are the same”, so we’re not doing that here with Asian men – each individual guy who just so happens to be Asian have “an infinite number of variables” (to quote JT) that create his unique personality. We have to remember that they are human first and Asian guys second.

WARNING: I’m not giving advice that is 100% guaranteed on how to meet and date Asian men, just advice based upon my own experiences.

1. Be Obvious

Isn't it time you met your Asian man?

Isn't it time you met your Asian man?

There’s a stereotype that all Asian men are shy and intimidated by women. While that is not necessarily true, there are a lot of shy guys out there and, since you’re reading this, you probably have an Asian guy in mind. Since a more confident Asian guy would’ve already asked you out (or if you have a friend that could do with more confidence, point them to the ABCs of Attraction: The Confidence Course for Asian Men), let’s focus on the shy ones.

That being said, it helps a shy guy out when you’re a little more obvious about how much you like him.

I grew up in a conservative town, so I was more or less told that women were supposed to wait around, twiddling your thumbs, for guys to ask you out. Being the woman, you were to give them subtle hints about your feelings (what JT Tran calls Indicators of Interest). This could be anything from giving one a lingering look to lightly touching him on the arm when you talk if you liked him or being cold and distant if you weren’t interested. These hints do work, but sometimes they’re not obvious enough for a painfully shy person or someone not versed at dating.

My advice? If you can tell that your Asian guy is super shy, approach him – don’t wait for him to approach you.

I know, this is totally opposite from what JT says, but sometimes a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do in order to figure out how to date Asian men! Find a common interest to talk about and make the subtle hints. If he doesn’t react to one or two, give him a few more obvious cues, like asking if he wants to go for coffee or telling him that you really wanted to see a certain new movie.

You might even mention that you’ve dated Asian guys before. Do this without completely throwing yourself on him. This way, he will understand that you are interested and not get totally freaked out by your “forward” behavior.

2. Be Patient

After working with JT Tran and his Confidence Training Course, I’ve learned a few things about the male perspective on dating. I have to say – there is a LOT of pressure on guys that I never realized before! They have to muster the courage to ask a girl out, hope they don’t get rejected, figure out a date, keep her entertained for a few hours and hope things proceed to another date and a potential relationship.

If you don’t have a lot of experience on how to meet members of the opposite sex, to the point where you’re immune to rejection, it can be nerve-wracking. If you have been giving obvious, subtle hints without much response, don’t assume that he doesn’t like you – these things can take some time.

Before I learned how to meet and date Asian men on my own, I once had to drop hints for four months before one guy realized my feelings and asked me out! I was definitely more patient than most girls, but it can pay off in the long run.

One thing that I learned that has worked for me is putting myself in his proximity over an extended period of time. Another guy I was interested in was a waiter at a Korean restaurant. I was attracted to him, but he was usually pretty quiet and kept to himself. I kept going to the restaurant – maybe once a week or so – and we gradually started warming up to each other. Eventually, it got to the point where he would pull up a chair next to me and chat with me as I ate.

Finally, he asked for my number! Success!

3. Be Aware

Okay, so you’ve given him all the hints in the world and he’s finally asked you out. Your date with him, however, wasn’t what you were expecting – he’s not making the moves you want him to, even though you’re still being ridiculously obvious. What now?

JT Tran and I actually discussed this at length in this video:

Sometimes, a guy is getting the signals and even understands that they are cues for him to do something – anything – but has absolutely no idea what to do with a cute girl. If you are in this situation, don’t get discouraged. You just have to realize that he may not fully comprehend what is going on, especially if he isn’t used to dating outside his race or culture, much less a cute girl.

This isn’t all guys, of course, but there are the occasional few that don’t believe what’s happening: that you, a gorgeous woman, are out on a date with him. Then there are others that doubt your hints – they don’t think that a cute girl could possibly be giving them cues and fail to recognize the correct response.

From my experience, it’s best to be blunt but perceptive. Some guys need a little more reassurance than others, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t giving you any resposes at all.

I was on a date once where the conversation was so frustratingly awkward that I couldn’t wait for it to end. I was totally sure that he felt the same way, but I kept the conversation going every time it trailed off. As we left the restaurant, however, he picked me up off the ground and twirled me around his car, exclaiming how happy he was to be out with me and how much he liked talking to me!

I realized that he was interested in me, and he later confessed he was nervous about making eye contact for so long. He actually really enjoyed our date, something that really surprised me!

In the end, I just needed to be aware of his feelings and not project mine onto the entire date.

4. Be Sensitive

Remember earlier when I said that not all Asian guys are alike? I really do mean it.

Not every Asian guy is going to be enthralled with KPop (few are from my experience) or watch hours of anime on end (slightly more common than KPop lovers, but still not a majority from my personal experience) just because those things are Asian. As such, it isn’t in your best interest to come off as a rabid fangirl to him, cooing over pictures of Rain or fawning over Ichigo from Bleach.

While some guys may like that sort of thing (try your local anime-con if you’re into that), that’s not the first thing you want to talk about with every Asian person you meet, let alone an Asian guy you’re attracted to. Quite frankly, if a woman gives off those kinds of signals, you’re going to scare him off as being someone who just uses Asian men.

If that sounds strange to you, let me put it in perspective: would you walk up to a Black guy and talk about how funny Chris Rock and Dave Chapelle are after a fist bump? Would you then proceed to talk about how horrible slavery was and then apologize for you ancestors?

While it’s not on the same level, you don’t want your first sentence to an Asian guy to be about something so stereotypically Asian. It can remind them that all you see is “just an Asian” before you and not, in fact, the person that they are, since their entire personality is not contained merely within their race. Depending on who they are, it may be a turn-off.

For this one, just keep it simple. Talk about your weird English professor, ask his opinion on the best place to get pizza around town, or find out what he does in his free time. You can mention that you’ve dated Asian guys before (as covered in obvious hints), but save that tidbit for a few minutes in.

I’ve personally found that if you talk about a guy’s “Asianness” too soon, the conversation can go south very quickly. I can empathize – who likes feeling objectified? In the end, just make sure that you’re both fairly comfortable with each other before mentioning potentially touchy subjects.

There is no big secret on dating Asian guys. Each and every one is going to be different – just like guys in general.

I am confident, however, in my experience and am certain that this can work for you. If you have any advice on what has worked for (or on) you, I would love to hear it, so please sound off in the comments section! Thanks for reading!

From the Lady’s Court:

Guest writer Alice talks about AMWF internet dating

Guest writer Alice talks about AMWF internet dating

“The biggest piece of advice I can give is to put it out there that you like Asian guys, but not to come across as a creepy anime fangirl / collector. There are a lot of Asian men out there who have had it drilled into them that women of other colors will never have an interest in you. They may be utterly infatuated with you, but afraid of racial rejection. At the same time, they may have had a bad experience with collector girls in the past who only wanted them because they were Asian but who had no real interest. I can understand them being afraid of either situation. It never hurts to put it out there, you know? But “OMFG, I luuuuurve Azn guyz! They r sooooo cute! I love K-pop!” is only going to make you look like a tool. The man doesn’t want to be your handbag.

I can also say this… Go where the Asian boys are and treat them like human beings. I used to live in Atlanta, where there’s a huge Asian b-boy scene. Going to their meetups and socializing with them like they were one of my own did wonders–and I’m not even into that scene. Treating them like human beings, like your equals, always works well. A lot of Asian guys are accustomed to being ignored. The other day I was at a Taiwanese shop in LA and this super-fobby waiter started asking me about my tattoos. The conversation continued as normal, just as if he’d been any other (really hot) guy. The bottom line is that Asian men are just like any other men, but they often come with the baggage of being socially ignored or stigmatized. Sometimes a girl has to work around that”
Alice, Cautionary Tales of AMWF Internet Romance

” idk… asian guys were the hardest to pick up in my experience when i was single. it didnt matter if i was subtle or blunt about it. online stuff was a lot easier. i guess indirect communication is a more comfortable approach for them? most asian guys are ass men so make your ass-ets known i suppose.”

“Well, what I’ve learned in dating asian men is that you shouldn’t always talk about their culture but more so your individuality and worldliness if you have it, just be you and open, of course to help their confidence tell them you like their eyes or make a little joke about asian men to loosen them up. ”

Jocelyn: Guest writer for AMWW Magazine

Jocelyn: Guest writer for AMWW Magazine

“If you’re dealing with an guy who just immigrated here — which you may not even know — sometimes it’s even more important for the girl to make the first move. Think about it, these guys are speaking English as a second language. That alone makes it a little harder. Add to that the fact that many Asian immigrants who speak English as a second language get a lot of flack from Americans about their accents or their English speaking ability, often unfairly so, and it makes them even more reluctant to speak up. Do that guy a favor and make the first move, if you can. And while you’re at it, be sure to drop in a positive comment somewhere about his English, which will definitely make him feel more relaxed about talking with you.

Also, with Asian men who just immigrated over, I’ve found that many of these guys aren’t always as plugged into pop culture — movies, TV — like we are. And if that’s the case, it can be really easy to lose this kind of guy in conversation if you’re peppering it with all of these TV shows he’s never watched or movies he might not have heard of. So if you’ve just met a guy who immigrated here, until you know him better (it may be that he does have the 411 on American pop culture after all, because every Asian guy is different) try to avoid throwing too much pop culture in the conversation.”
-Jocelyn, Speaking of China

“Some Asian men that you might try to meet and date, will have a hard time believing that you’re trying to flirt with them. Obviously not all Asian guys are like that, but so many have been ridiculed by girls or had to face racism, that a lot are wary that it’s “too good to be true.” So you want to be forward, as Heather says, but not so forward and eager that you make him suspicious about your intentions.”
-Sarah Ann, 6 Dating Tips on How Asian Guys Can Get Any Girlfriend They Want

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JB May 8, 2012 at 9:35 am

I LOVE YOU!! haha thanks for the advice!!


tired May 16, 2012 at 9:33 am

This is all good advise and everything, but some asian guys (or guys in general) are afraid of rejection.  I remember when I was in 6th grade, I really liked this girl sitting next to me in my class and she was really nice to me and somewhat flirtatious towards me, so I waited until the end of the year (just so I don’t pressure her) to ask her out, but she wasn’t interested.  Ever since then I never bothered asking any other girls in school or go on dates, and I’m a really good looking asian guy.  I’m in my early 40s now and still single, and till this day I still get women flirting with me, but every time I show I’m interested the woman, I get the sense they were just being flirty and nothing else, this really vexes me.  WHAT DO WOMEN WANT?!  It’s this turmoil that’s really effing frustrating!


Heather E. Johnson May 21, 2012 at 12:21 am

Well, one thing’s for sure, I personally like a guy with a little more confidence…don’t SEEK signs of rejection – if you’re looking for it, you’re going to find it. There’s something to be said for self-hypnosis – BELIEVE she wants you. If she doesn’t? Oh well! Next! If she does? Hey awesome, you just got a date for next Friday night.


tired May 26, 2012 at 10:35 am

Again, you’re one of those white women who just want to flirt and have sex…DON’T! it’s very frustrating!!


tired May 26, 2012 at 12:58 pm

Sorry, I didn’t mean to be hostile in these posts.  I’m just trying to get over something that’s happen to me…I thought this girl (she’s white) I met at a party really liked me, but I guess I miscued it.  Her friend told me she likes tall white guys and not a…uh…asian guy like me, so she was just a little intoxicated I guess when she was flirting with me.


Kanata17th May 31, 2012 at 10:23 pm

u must be a fukken loser, whites aint shiet enymore, they had thier luck, now is a matter of brains which these snow hairy snow monkeys lack


tired June 4, 2012 at 11:10 pm

Do you even know what you’re saying?  Just by reading your pathetic comment (with loads of grammatical errors) tells me you’re a 10 yr. old  STFU!!

J.t. Tran May 27, 2012 at 9:28 am

Honestly, at this point in the game, you need to take charge of your own destiny. It is both your duty and privilege to be the kind of Asian man that has the confidence to approach and attract women. Standing idly or shyly by as life passes you is not the way to live. That’s why we hold confidence & dating bootcamps, but ultimately its up to you to decide if being 40 and single is worth the pain of remaining the same way for the rest of your life.


tired May 28, 2012 at 4:12 pm

I know what you mean, but I don’t find being asian and a male living in western society as a privilege when there are hostility towards people of color especially if the minority is a male.  I do find asian women to be more open to dating other races whereas white women choose their race first, and than latin, middle eastern, black, pacific islander, and finally asian man (if he’s wealthy).  That’s not say to there aren’t any white women who only dates asian men, but finding one that you’re actually attracted is very difficult when western society tries to segregate.

There was a half white/half korean american comedian on mad tv that made a funny analogy.  I keep laughing about this everytime when I think about it.  He said “asian women in the U.S. = SEXY and asian men in the U.S. = TECH SUPPORT!”  It’s like in the u.s. asian women are in a candy store but for asian men it’s like they’re in a labor camp (all work but no play) lmao.


Kanata17th May 31, 2012 at 10:22 pm

fuk u make white women sound more valuable than gold, fukken idiot, have u ever thought that many azn men prefer every race before white chics? stupid chink


tired June 4, 2012 at 11:05 pm

We both have a superiority complex, STFU, I was saying the negative stereotypes asian men get are not fair in western societies.

Guest May 26, 2012 at 3:47 pm

That is some good advice written here. As an asian guy, I would have to say it’s tough to believe that a white girl would be interested in me beyond that of friendship. I live in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and there’s a lot more white men with asian women than the reverse. It’s just as important to avoid being too nice if you are not interested beyond friendship as a guy can misconstrue thing. I was raised in North America, but some of my asian guy friends grew up in Asia and over there touching is a much bigger deal. A hug over there may be comparable in degree of affection to a kiss. I think even here, a little affectionate touching can be a strong sign that a white girl is interested in an asian guy.

You will find some asian guys only go for asian girls often with the mindset that it’s a matter of loyalty to their culture. This is usually as a result of pressure from parents. Others may have a general preference, particularly those from Asia I find.  There are others like me who are into white girls, but I was warned growing up that while my parents are fine with me dating that my chances are low as very few white girls would be interested in asian guys. It’s the whole concept that the white girl would be ‘marrying down’ and while people don’t like to hear this another article on this site did indicate that some people associate white with privilege. I am not a white girl so I am not sure, but I have been told at least that many asian girls say bad things about us to white girls to discourage them from dating us.  As an asian guy, I would say that it’s a matter of weighing fear of rejection vs. missing an opportunity. I’d rather try to ask a white girl out or accept her signals as interest and get turned down than to do nothing. There are many who just aren’t confident at all though.

What I have to say to white girls is that there are a number of responsible, thoughtful, supportive, and assertive asian guys out there who are interested in you and probably way more than you imagine. One of the biggest obstacles is for each party to know that there are misconceptions and we ought to give each other a chance.


J.t. Tran May 27, 2012 at 9:25 am

I just had to reply. I even made a sticky note of it! 

Hey TLAM, 

Thanks for writing in about your personal experience! It’s unfortunate but true that while our parents want the best for us, sometimes their concern for us is smothering and stifiling in its protectiveness. You’re not the first Asian reader to write in about how his family or his friends would instill and reinforce limiting beliefs:
1) That white women (or any women for that matter) don’t find Asian men attractive and you should stick with a nice Asian girl.
2) That instead, your path to success with women should be through good grades and a good paying job.

This is what I call the High Value Asian Beta Male. Now, there’s nothing wrong with dating Asian girls and, in fact, much can be said of bonding with someone that you have cultural similarities and shared experiences. But what they don’t realize is that the warning your parents gave you is a form of internalized racism and blow to your own self-esteem:
1) That you shouldn’t bother to open up your options with women because you’ll be shot down anyways.
2) That an (Asian) man’s worth is only by his degree, career, and money and not who he is as a man, a person, or his personality.
3) And finally that extending outside of your comfort zone, be it socially or racially, is a BAD BAD thing (this is known as the Social Isolation Effect).

And unfortunately, that’s lead to a segment of an Asian generation that lacks the social opportunity, experience and skillset necessary to be successful in many areas of life: both professionally and romantically. My advice to you and other men is to appreciate the advice that your parents and friends give you, but make your own decision. Make a critically informed and conscious choice in who you’re going to be and what kind of man that you want to become. 

Are you going to be bound by the limits of what society imposes on you? Or are you going to break your own barriers? 

And in this, I invite you to pay attention to the actions of your parents and not their words. They came over, many in very dangerous and life threatening circumstances, to America (or the Western world) as strangers to a strange land. They risked a lot to be successful and break outside what was considered the “norm” of their standards. To make a better life for themselves. 

So why can’t you do the same? Be the captain of your own destiny and brave whatever shores and breakers there may be. 

JT Tran


Kanata17th May 31, 2012 at 10:20 pm

ur a moron please shut the fuk up


khmergurl June 12, 2012 at 5:09 pm

I agree with you as in regards to marrying down.  I know my in-laws family marry their women off to a lot of white men but my husband kept our relationship a secret for a very long time due to “complications”.  I wasn’t even aloud to meet his mother even after I got pregnant.  I was told by my father that I was marrying down because my husband was Cambodian and that he was the lowest of the Asian food chain. But that is 14years ago and we have 2 beautiful daughters and his own grandmother now adores me because she sees how much I take care of her grandson.  I think that we could have caved because of the pressure we got from both sides, but it has just made our marriage and trust in each other a stronger bond that they cannot break.


Hungirl October 31, 2012 at 10:05 am

I’m from eastern europe and would love to date/have a relationship with an Asian guy, it’s just so hard. So far I havent had much luck. I’m very open, and my parents also don’t mind. (sigh..I’m still hoping though)


Roast February 25, 2013 at 11:27 pm

I grew up in BC too. I would say Canada definitely feels a lot less racist on average (I repeat… on average!) than the U.S. because of the way immigrants are celebrated (at least contemporary Canada). It makes an immigrants less of an outsider, by definition. At the same time though, I have a funny feeling that maybe some of that stereotyping in the States played it favour even sometimes in a form of a taboo :p Can’t say either country’s culture is particularly good or bad, but… just some food for thought.



Sherubii Tran May 27, 2012 at 10:13 am

Is that picture of Tae Yang.
It must be. 
This girl right here know’s he Big Bang very well.
Trying to fool me!


Heather Johnson July 22, 2012 at 2:33 pm

You guessed it! It’s Tae Yang in “Secret Lover” 🙂


Alicia Paul May 30, 2012 at 7:18 pm

Great advise but theres just one problem for me…I’m a white girl thats likes asian guys but I’m quite shy and I’ve never dated a asian guy before. Right now where I’m workin at theres alot of them around, but Idk how I could approach one that I’d like. How could I make this better?


Cool June 10, 2012 at 9:13 am

You don’t need to worry, men are visual…if you’re good looking, I doubt there would be any single guy that would turn you down regardless of race.


khmergurl June 12, 2012 at 5:00 pm

 just go girl! smile! approach and ask what they doing for lunch. be confident even if you are not. never hurts to try.


Status K June 23, 2012 at 12:48 am

Ima guy who likes to be approached. Find a subject that you overheard that might be interesting to me and ask. The best thing is to just show interest. You’re really cute, so you shouldn’t have a prob. Best of luck!


ave June 2, 2012 at 12:05 am

I like white girls I like. Im looking for a serious relationship with a white if someone interested hit me up. im from california. all the white girls I talk with are rude and disrespectful. look me at facebook


khmergurl June 12, 2012 at 4:57 pm

I think you are meeting the wrong girls.  I am white and I love asian guys! To me, the sexiest parts of any man is their eyes, lips and brain.  You just need to look in other places, not all girls are rude or disrespectful. BTW- White chicks don’t all have blonde hair. I was overlooked MANY TIMES because I have curly brown hair and hazel eyes. I was always told by asian guys that they wanted a real white girl and not me. I live in northern cali. =)


Skyler62 July 2, 2012 at 4:43 am

I’m with you Ave, I’m in the midwest, and would love to date a white gal, really can’t tell either way, But if there are any out there


物语 June 3, 2012 at 1:20 am

oh i’m boy.chn


khmergurl June 12, 2012 at 4:51 pm

 When I was in my 20’s I was interested in Asian guys, but they would always tell me that they loved screwing white women but when it came to marriage they would only choose their own race.  When I met my Asian husband, I thought he was going to do the same type of game that was played on me from the past.  He was different though and extremely confident. After 14 years, we still experience tension from our own families, but I think that has made our marriage stronger in the long run.


Matt June 22, 2012 at 12:49 am

You must really feel sorry for your asian man right?  To be with him for that long?  Be honest, he’s got a small peepee right?  Speak up!  Anyways, most white women I’ve seen with asian men, the white women are grossly overweight or nerdy looking with the slight hint of a mustache, but ironically most of the asian women with white men, asian women are smoking hot and the white guy is usually even better looking than the asian girl!  

Also, society usually falls under the majority and asian men are the smallest (no pun intended) minority in western society even though I heard on the news they’re a rising population.  The increase in population doesn’t mean anything, considering asian dudes have to compete with pretty white boys and groovy latin boys and masculine black dudes, so asian men do not have a chance.  

What cool, pop cultural things have asian guys in western societies have accomplished that’s not already been done?…Nothing!  There are exceptions like Bruce Lee and Charlie Chan, but they’re exceptions.  Asian men are known for being wealthy and highly skilled, but being highly skilled and being wealthy without perception is useless and therefore has no true value…it’s not going to get you laid.  In western societies, asian men are automatically perceived as computer experts and karate experts.  Is that sexy to white females or just the ones that are into that which most of them are not?  Most asian men don’t have a chance in western society no matter how much money and confidence and fashion or whatever asian guy has, as long as white men are in power, asian men (east asian men I’m referring to) are seen as bottomless, sexless losers, it always will be and should be that way…just being honest and realistic.


khmergurl June 22, 2012 at 4:37 pm

 Matt, I am not sure what ethnicity you are nor does it matter.  It is kind of rude when you say that Asian men are only able to get white women if they are fat, ugly and with facial hair. I am neither fat, ugly nor do I have facial hair. I never have felt sorry for being with him for soo long and his penis size is way more than most men, but that is my private business. I feel that I am blessed with the smartest, best friend, best lover, best father that any woman has ever dreamed of.  I do not equate him to  Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee or even Keni Styles. I am not sure why you have become soo extremely bitter about Asian men, especially southeast Asians.

Now about your rant that Asians do not have a chance to make it in the white world…that’s a cop out.  Your rant towards whites can be considered the same rants that uneducated KKK members make towards minorities. Why the excuse and submission to failure? You should seriously reflect upon yourself on why you or any man should mimic or be jealous or what another man has.

As for penis size? I think you have penis envy.  I will quote a famous sexy southeast Asian porn actor Keni Styles, “I’ve never measured my penis against anything other than a girl’s vagina. If it fits and she’s happy, I’m happy.” I attached a link at the bottom so that you can educate yourself.  I think what keeps you or any man that thinks your way from getting “laid” by white/asian/latina/black women is your attitude.

If you feel like a failure than you are a failure!
Read more:


Matthew Johnson June 22, 2012 at 7:09 pm

khmergurl, you got a big pussy?


khmegurl June 22, 2012 at 10:54 pm

Matt “Johnson”, If I have a “big pussy” then maybe it’s because your dick is as big as your vocabulary..*tiny*.  If this is how you get ladies then I can see why even your blow up doll turned you down. Don’t worry Matthew, you’ll never get to see any woman’s pussy with your attitude unless you dip into your parents credit card and view it from the comfy of you basement. 

Goodnight little matty patty! Enjoy your pathetic life! I know a few good therapists for your anger management that your mommy can bring you to. Maybe you should go back to elementary or preschool to relearn you manners little boy. Word of advice—Don’t try to sit at the adult table, we are intellectually way over your head.  

khmergurl June 22, 2012 at 10:59 pm

BTW. “you got a big pussy” Your intelligence is and moronic as you vocabulary.  Let me spell it out for you. You got *tiny dick and tinier mind*

Matt June 24, 2012 at 11:19 pm

And even today, movies that have asian characters like The Prince of Persia, DragonballEvo, and The Last Airbender, American pop culture are purposely marketing these asian-themed stories to tailor to the white anglo majority and as long as the majority wants to spend money on false representation, there will never be a silver lining for asian men of east asian descent.  If you notice in Rogen’s Green Hornet film, Kato speaks with a stereotypical asian accent and he is stereotypically working hard for a white masta, and Kato doesn’t even get any credit.  I appreciate the fact Kato was perceived as the true hero and he has a romantic interest, but just like the Bruce Lee character in Enter the Dragon, neither of them gets laid.


Kenbui7 June 22, 2012 at 7:24 pm

Matt, you sound like an ignorance, shallow American who has little to no education which I assume that is your case. I apologize for my bad English because it’s not my native language. But hey, maybe you need to travel more rather than just staying in this country so your eyes can open wider. My dad has a company in China and some of the employees are Americans, how does it sound to you? Maybe when you are jobless in the States you could come here, and I might able to give you a good job.


Status K June 23, 2012 at 12:45 am

I think you miss the point, Matt. Attractive people are attractive people. No matter social economical/culture/race stance. If you have a specific “type”, then that is your type. To discount the poster’s blog is just random vitriol that has no basis in facts.


Nickl 123 July 30, 2012 at 3:11 pm

I laugh so loud in my office at the part “……Asian girls are usually smoking hot…” even louder at the following part ” white guy is usually even better looking than the Asian girl…”
What da fuck are you talking about matt? Get out of your sad little town and travel more ok punk?
Asian girls who go out with white guys only hecause they are too ugly and have no choice but to end up with those overweight white guys who cant even get a fucking job, the only thing they do is complaining and acting like losers which is like what you are doing matt. I feel sorry for you, LOSER! XD


Matt July 30, 2012 at 6:44 pm

This was an old comment, I’ve made my apology.  I’ve seen attractive couples from both asian man with white woman and white man with asian woman.  

Not gonna say this again, I can take the hate towards me, I deserve it but anything else…replying with more put downs is not going to make anything better.   


Matt_J June 28, 2012 at 10:51 pm

Hey khmergurl, I apologize for my rant and all the white/anglo women I’ve offended, I won’t post any more offensive stuff.  You’re right I have been burned, many many times by white/anglo women.  I’m a very good looking east asian guy and I have been flirted on by white/anglo women but I always get rejected.  I did everything for these white/Anglo women, but they were just using me.  I think it’s because I don’t have much money, (they like me because I’m so physically attractive) I couldn’t help myself being in love, they came on to me.  I thought maybe I was cool enough to feed their egos with lavish gifts (even though I don’t have much money), but I was just too nice and kind of weirded them out which is a real turn off for some women I guess.  From my experience, women are looking for the strong, sensitive, educated, confident guy and race has nothing to do with anything (and I know I’ve been making fun of my own Asian race, and I’m sorry about that, I’ve just been so depressed, suicidal).  I get tired of being perceived a certain way because of my ethnicity and the times I’ve dated white/anglo women, I get people staring at us…sometimes in disgust (and I live in a northern liberal state) and I would get really worked up about this, yeah I know I’m being selfish, but it bothers me.


khmergurl June 29, 2012 at 1:34 am

Matt J,

I also apologize for my rant. People in today’s society over generalize everyone without getting the correct fact.  You are correct that women are still the gatherers of society and men are still the hunters. The Darwinian cycle will continue until the end of time. That being said, any woman can be as cruel as men when it comes to finding a mate for life.  I am sorry that you were “screwed” by women that you went out of your way to please.  

As I said before my husband is southeast Asian decent. short, skinny, overly analytic, nerdy, a microbiologist, poor, no car, etc.  Maybe to some women he would not seem to be the big strong muscle mate, but remember Darwin’ theory…evolution takes it’s necessary changes in order to perpetuate the species. Again, maybe you are not what the girl was looking for and she was just using you. What can make a solid difference to the potential female is one thing..attitude. If you are what you say, a PHD, then you were smart enough and should give yourself high honors for achieve such a wonderful goal.  Women are not always looking for the big lug that has muscles, movie star looks, etc. Why? The men would not be faithful because, why should they, they can spread their seed to many women. Remember, looks fade over time.  

Maybe I am different because, I am white yes, but fancy cars and money never meant a lot because I  see it as easy come and easy go.  What kept me tied and still does today to my short quirky southeast Asian is that we are friends and even the “cheapest date” which is usually hiking through the hills, is the most expensive gift from him..memories. 

Just a thought!


khmergurl June 29, 2012 at 1:51 am


As for people gawking at you because you are dating outside your race, pardon my language, fuck them. Why should you care? My husband and I still get looks and have had nasty comments made towards our children in some of the places that we have lived. I just tell my kids that these people are jealous because they have the best looks from both worlds. It’s not a suicidal thing! You should honestly assess what you want. Write a list of what you want, what you think you want and what reality you can live with.  My husband’s attitude is that he is AWESOME and that I am soo lucky I got him before some other chick did!!  You need that type of attitude. As I said before, if you were smart enough to get a Phd, then what is the problem? 

So some “bitch (s)” turned you down, used you, tossed you aside. Get in line with everyone gender that it has happened to.  If they do not want you, then TOO BAD THEIR LOSS!  If they had yellow fever or an asian fetish for the moment, then I am sorry you got used that way. There are plenty of fish in the sea. You just got to catch the right one. 

As for bothering, I can see that dating and finding your soulmate can be a blow to everyone’s ego. I know this because I kissed many toads before my prince. Rejection also is a blow to the ego. I am white but I have nappy curly hair with hazel eyes, short, etc..not the Aryan that most Asian men desire, but their loss and my husband’s gain! The main point is find, love and appreciate yourself before you look for someone. 



Ma June 27, 2012 at 7:50 pm

Another thing that really pisses me off about white women is that they are so prudish and don’t commit to anything and asian men don’t have a chance at all, most white women/anglo women are very racist.  White women also sleep around way too much compared to other nationality of women.


Kayla Kira Nicholls September 1, 2012 at 9:15 am

Wow that’s extremely ignorant. I’m a white women and I don’t sleep around. I’ve actually only been with one man in that way. I am actually not racist at all. I find other races and foreign men very attractive. Probably more than white men, but that is just my preference.


Jason June 29, 2014 at 8:16 pm

Im 100% asian and been with nothing but hot ass blondes.

prudish? lol i just cant stop laughing.

dude youre only calling them prudish to make yourself feel better about yourself because in reality its you thats the prudish one.

you cant get them, not because youre asian but because you are a beta ass LOSER.

be realistic. youre fucking ugly. so youre only realistically only able to get ugly girls.


Matt June 28, 2012 at 6:26 pm

I also feel that white/anglo women have a huge ego and they know they’re desirable the most and pretend to like asian guys even though they really don’t.  This is why I feel white/anglo women are very racist and not worth the time.


Jason June 29, 2014 at 8:12 pm

this is the complete opposite from my experiences.

pretend to like asian guys? really! speak for yourself.

ive been with nothing but hot blondes my whole life. they would slobber all over my massive cock then beg for me to fuck and completely stretch them out.

White women racist? really! just wow. man you are such a fucking loser.
the only racist one here is you and every loser ass asians on this site. you guys are the only ones that constantly bring up the race card and make up this notion that white women are racist just because you losers cant get them.

seriously go suck a cock because youre better off going that route then getting a hot women wanting to get your number let alone fuck you.


Matt_J June 28, 2012 at 11:03 pm

And btw, all the white women on this site are very beautiful.


Heather Johnson February 3, 2013 at 11:50 pm

Thank you kindly! 🙂


Jason June 29, 2014 at 7:54 pm

dude you really have some crazy low ass standards. the white women on this site are nothing but plain and average. i wouldnt look at these average hoes let alone fuck them. gross.


Skyler July 2, 2012 at 4:25 am

As a Chinese Gut my experience is that I really don’t know if they are really interested, drop me a little hint like you want to try sushi or dim sum, but have never tried. Heck, I pay attention, all I need to 1 obvious hit.  And yes, I do like white women, but have not found one yet willing to date me, I also question is there one out there for me? It hard enough out there I really hate the dating scene.


Matt July 3, 2012 at 7:26 pm

From my experience, most women don’t know what they want and I don’t mean they’re not focused or don’t have a goal, but a lot of women are indecisive.  You have to figure what they like and see if there’s anything you have in common with.  Also, attraction can happen with extraordinary abilities.  If you’re good at something, show it off.  And don’t do what I did like getting all worked up because you were flirted on and getting all depressed and bitter about white women when finding out she wasn’t really interested.


Matt July 3, 2012 at 8:01 pm

Oh and one other thing.  Some of my male friends are not physically attractive and I just laugh every time when they try hitting on an attractive chick, it never works.  Sex should be the last thing on your mind.  It’s the males responsibility to attract the females and this is one reason why in the animal kingdom like the male cardinals are bright colored compared to the dull female colored cardinal.


Matt July 3, 2012 at 8:29 pm

I just remembered something else someone once told me.  Men have a responsibility to be better then the woman at something (and I don’t mean women can’t be equal to men).


Matt July 3, 2012 at 8:55 pm

Last thing I want to mention, by being yourself and not trying is more attractive than you realize.  I swear to god, there were many many instances when I was introduced to very hot females (unfortunately they were taken) by my friends, I introduced my self and then I would just ignore the hot women.  Since I’m already a good looking guy anyways, they just wanted to get closer and wanted to talk to me, but I was myself and didn’t act like I’m too desperate. 


Jason June 29, 2014 at 7:51 pm

dude im going to be honest with you. youre never going to get hot white women anytime soon unless you pay her $100,000.

youre a typical loser beta small dick asian. so give up or go gay loser.


Matt July 3, 2012 at 10:17 pm

The poker face Model Claire Sinclair mentioned in the video about an asian man she saw, did she ever wonder if he was depressed?  Usually, your facial expression can explain a lot about someone’s personality.  It is said, the more someone smiles, the more they’re happier.


Jimmy Walker July 6, 2012 at 12:42 am

“White” women are the least decisive ethnicity I know. In fact, they are more aggressive in wanting to get to know me than other ethnicities. “White’ women are also the least prudish I have been with. They are more sexually aggressive and sexual (hope you know the difference) than Asian women by far.

“White” women pretending to like Asian men? That statement is far too general and smacks of racism to me. If one lives in a ‘liberal’ state, it usually means that the people there are very open and accepting to ‘inter racial’ couples. Your reason is an excuse.

I highly highly doubt that white women just ‘pretend’ to like Asian men. How do I know this? Because my tall blonde Swedish girlfriend of several years, that makes Megan Fox look average, will tell you how into me she is.

For all you ‘guys’ out there that need a hint if a girl (let alone a ‘white’ girl) is interested in you. No. They shouldn’t have to. If you are too stupid, shy, immature, ball-less to notice the subtle signs women give a guy to show interest, you shouldn’t be with them.

‘White’ women are racist? Are you serious? Do you know how many stink eyes my girlfriend gets when we go some place where there is a slight asian female density. Asian women literally glare at her for being with me with the ‘you took one of our good ones’ look. Asian women, by far, are more critical, judgmental and Racist than any ‘white’ woman I have dated.

I have dated ‘white’ girls from all over the country. Every one of them has been nothing but genuinely hot for me (and I for them). The boundaries you perceive are your own boundaries. California girls are stuck up bitches? Liberal northern state girls are racists? Really? I have been to the four corners of this country and never had any problems being with ‘white’ women. So, stop the excuses and look in the mirror that the problem is in the reflection. Once you realize that, like an alcoholic finally sobering up, you can begin the journey of finding confidence in yourself and being the best that you can be. Btw, this means that you need to be better than the previous day. And I do not mean getting to the next level of World of Warcraft.


Cool July 6, 2012 at 1:46 am

There is a proven fact that women in general regardless of her race is less open for interracial dating than men.  I’m not really sure why that is, but it has been proven, take a look at this site:  

Asian women are said to be the least discriminating, and that’s one reason why you see more white men with asian women than reverse.

Most of the time, I’ve come across very super nice white/anglo women who have defended me many many times, however, I have come across some white/anglo women who were very prudish and mean that they rub people the wrong way and even my white/anglo guy friends can’t stand these women either.  In fact one time, when I was at a bar getting up to leave and was putting my jacket on I accidentally touched a hot blonde’s shoulder and she gave me a shocking, prudish look and shaking her hands like they got dirty.  My white/anglo guy friend saw her expression and gave her a middle finger as we were leaving lol.


Matt July 6, 2012 at 1:57 am

The argument isn’t so much that the white/anglo woman shouldn’t have to be into the asian man, but more like why is it less acceptable for an asian man to be with a white/anglo woman than reverse?


Brandon July 6, 2012 at 2:55 pm

I have dated stunning women all my life. Most of them tall and blonde and all of them exceptionally good looking. I have guys coming up to me to shake my hand and telling me how pretty my girlfriends are. In a way, it is embarrassing for me and the girl I am with. We are together because we like each other. Her being pretty is a side benefit. It is the furthest thing, for my experiences, that an asian man with a ‘white’ women has been looked down upon or with distaste.

I do not ‘pick women up’. Women pick me up. They aggressively pursue me. Why? Because of a lot of reasons. But the main one is that I truly have a lot to offer them. Not material. But in terms of the person I am. My first dates are always two places: Starbucks or McDonalds for a happy meal. If the girl even makes a small grimace, I will not have a second date with her because I want her to be with me and for me. And I want to see her sense of humor as well. Plus, Happy meals are da bomb.

You complain about ‘white’ women using you. No dude, the women didn’t use you. You allowed them to use you. It is your fault that you got used. And it isn’t because the woman is ‘white’ that she used you. Any woman who doesn’t respect you will use you. I never to rarely buy anything for my girlfriend. In fact, she is richer than me. I will get her little things like flowers, dinner and an occasional gift. But it is her that buys me much more things. 

I feel sad for y’all to think that ‘white’ women are racist. I have never considered race in woman when meeting or dating them. The moment you do, you are the racist one.
As for ‘white’ women not dating other races. For me, I have found this to be the exact opposite. I have dated far more ‘white’ women than asian women (I am asian) and will tell you that there are cultural differences but that is what makes people awesome.

Your (and others) constant emphasis on ‘white’ women really does make y’all so prejudice and racist, it is beyond ironic.

Maybe ‘white’ women…forget that. Maybe women in general don’t like you because you are insecure. Maybe they don’t like you because you are ugly, have a bad hair cut and don’t brush your teeth etc…and you want to be out with a super model.

I see and hear so many guys: geeky, skinny, trollish guys always wanting to be with a super model for a girlfriend when they do not have the ‘it’ factor to not attract them let alone keep them.

Hint and a half. If you are not amazing as a person who is also physically attractive but are average with no redeeming qualities the chances of you being with a very pretty to hot girl is unrealistic.

Most of us guys dream of being with a beautiful model. But it just isn’t reality. There are very few gorgeous girls for the flood of average guys. The gorgeous girls get to pick who they want to be with. If you are average (which I can tell that you are) then you need to just work on yourself to be a better person for yourself and not for others. When you realize what I just said, you will forget because there will be so many girls (and guys) wanting your attention that you would have forgotten about me. Good. I would love for you to be there one day.

Stop blaming and putting down ‘white’ women. It is not their problem. The problem is you and your own. And everything you say is an excuse. The woman you brushed against didn’t have to be ‘hot’ to be offended. If it were me, I would have given you a ‘what the hell’ look too. Your negative offensive profane responsive was worse than her reaction, far worse.

You blame others when, in reality, the problem is you. The good part is that the solution also lies within you.

You will NEVER be with a hot ‘white’ woman if you see the woman as ‘white’. You will never be with a ‘hot’ woman if you think she is ‘hot’. The moment you categorize women like that, they can feel it and literally will run from you.

It doesn’t matter if you consider yourself good looking. How is that working out for you? Struck out ten out of ten? It isn’t looks, buddy. It is the inner beauty that shines through to the outside that makes the person gorgeous.

Oh, I’m Brandon…I was goofing off with Jimmy Walker. Dyn-O-mite!!!


Matt July 6, 2012 at 6:26 pm

I WASN’T PUTTING DOWN WHITE WOMEN WHEN I WAS REPLYING TO YOU!  I’m saying english speaking societies makes asian men more difficult to be accepted to date white/anglo women than reverse and this is another reason why there are more asian women with white/anglo men besides the fact that asian women are the least to discriminate.  Of course women don’t necessarily go for looks…but it does help.  I’ve been hit on so many times because I am a good looking asian guy, but for me I don’t necessarily just go for looks on women, I go for personality as well besides the looks.  STOP TWISTING MY GODAMME POST, I’m trying to man up to my mistakes dipshit!


Matt July 6, 2012 at 7:23 pm

I was ranting my anger towards white/anglo women in my earlier posts because of the recent incidents that happened to me.  And I didn’t do anything wrong, these white women came on to me and I thought there was an attraction there, but I guess I was wrong.  I just wasn’t wealthy enough for these women. I got angry at myself for being too nice.  Also, white English speaking societies in general limit themselves with asian culture and I don’t feel there is enough exposure to understand each other than what you see on tv.  Every asian person would probably tell you they were teased growing up.  I do however feel though many white/anglo women can’t resist a hot asian guy whether they see on tv, at shopping malls, on youtube, porn or whatever, if they see a hot asian guy, race isn’t going to matter regardless what their preference is.  The girls that were hitting on me told their friend they’re attracted to tall white/anglo guys but I still got flirted on for some reason lol.   


Matt July 6, 2012 at 10:24 pm

Also, a physically average person (regardless of their race) can attract very beautiful women of any race if you have those skills.  Let JT Tran and other pick up artists help you. 


Matt July 6, 2012 at 10:37 pm

physically average “guy” I meant.

Brandon July 7, 2012 at 12:38 am

Thank you for informing me about JT and his course on how to meet women. It is very kind and altruistic of you. 

I have never ever had trouble meeting nor attracting women.
Just today, I met up with my assistant for lunch at a really good local dive. I walk in, sit down with her (she already had ordered my food) and get down to business at hand.  

Before we start though, she looks over my shoulder and tells the table of girls behind me ‘He’s my boss, I’m not with him’. I go ‘huh?’. She goes, the girls were giving me the stink eye because they saw that you were with me. I still go ‘huh?’. She goes ‘uh, don’t you notice how everyone, guy and girl, stops to look at you when you enter any room?’ I go ‘no, i don’t notice anymore’. She smiles and says ‘you may think you are normal. let me tell you, I am normal. You are not. And neither is your girlfriend. Both of you together, are normal for one another. But outside of your world, you guys are way beyond average’.
I am sorry to inform you but having skills may attract pretty girls but it never works on beautiful girls. What You consider beautiful and I consider beautiful is vastly different. The girls that JT has pictures with are skanky average to me. Beautiful girls already know all the lines. They are immune to them and could care less about trying to be picked up. The ‘you are beautiful’ line doesnt work on beautiful girls. They know they are beautiful and could care less about hearing that from some stranger., In fact, they get creeped out about it and are most likely to leave. Pretty girls may be impressed with the ‘you are beautiful’ line though. Beautiful girls are looking for men of substance in every aspect of life. Beautiful girls are not impressed with stupid opening lines, bar tricks or bullshit banter. They can see and smell a loser and a poser a mile away.I have been in a very serious relationship with my tall blonde Swedish model girlfriend for several years now. I am not trying to brag but just to let y’all know that I am not lacking in the ladies department nor have I ever.I stumbled on here quite by accident as my asian guy friends kept commenting how I was their hero for constantly going out with beautiful ‘white’ girls. I never thought anything of it. For me, it has always been normal because I never saw my girlfriends as white or asian.My comments may be harsh. But the truth ultimately always is. What I say is meant to give those who know what I am talking about a kick in the butt. Stop playing the blame game. Stop being a victim. Stop playing the race card. Stop making excuses. Stop being a pussy.I just started being interested in horse racing. I went with someone who knew a lot about horse racing. She was explaining handicapping to me and looking at the program. I asked ‘who handicaps the horses? are they the best at handicapping?’ She smiles ‘the best handicappers do not write their stuff to be printed, why would they give their secrets away’.

Matt July 6, 2012 at 11:25 pm

I remember once when I was a teenager, I was at a baseball game with my friends and as we were walking to leave, coming the other way some white teen tripped me on purpose, and my female friend (she’s white) walking behind me saw me almost fall.  She shouted to that teen saying she saw him tripping me and she was confronting that teen and following him, yelling at him.  I thought that was so cool she defended me like that, and I actually enjoyed that teen getting yelled at, my female friend is a body builder and it’s so funny to watch because that teen looks so wimpy compared to my friend lmao.


Jason June 29, 2014 at 7:45 pm

you felt cool that she defended you.

wow you are such a fucking loser. LOSER small dick losers like you will always fail with women. go gay asswipe!

1030549819 July 6, 2012 at 6:18 am

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khmergurl July 9, 2012 at 9:15 pm


Jimmy – I think that your stories are great on how you are attractive,  educated and have a girlfriend that looks like Megan Fox. Good for you! I live in a liberal state but still find that in some areas, interracial couples are frowned upon.  Maybe not in the area you live in, but definitely in mine.  I am white and married to a Southeast Asian and we have experienced both Asian and White sneering at us. As for the term Yellow Fever? That to me is a racist statement for both sides.  The term yellow fever was a racist term used in the 1940s and earlier. I have only met people with yellow skin when they have jaundice. Again, I am white and married to an Asian man.  I think that Matt has his reasons for feeling the way he does. Maybe “Jimmy” you never felt discrimination, but other Asian males have. Its great that you have think skin and things just slide off of you, but I find through my own studies that many Asian men feel the opposite. I am ejumakated too! As for Happy meals on dates – kudos for you! I always find the littlest things can go a long romantic way.

As for everything?? It all comes down to confidence. Do not knock a man for trying to get help outside. Most do not have the epiphany that you might have had! It is great that men can go to J.T. or other websites like this and get the courage or push that they may need in order to meet their potential partners. When it comes down to it, it doesn’t matter what race you prefer, what matters is that you both love each other and can’t live without each other.  When I met my husband, I didn’t want to date anymore Asians because the men usually would end up leaving me in order to appease their parents.  My husband chased me and proved to me that he can stand up against his parents in order for me to be his wife.  I also proved to him that I can stand up to my own white family in order to be with him.  I was attracted to him because he was smart, educated, a go getter AND confident.  Yes there is still racism in America but when it comes to love, you should be able to fight for your right to love someone that you choose and not your parents.  In Matt’s defense, I have seen people purposely pick on Asians, so if you were never in his shoes, then you have no way of knowing.


brandon July 9, 2012 at 10:48 pm


I never said nor used the term ‘yellow fever’. None. Zero of my girlfriends ever smacked of ‘yellow fever’. And I know for a fact that none of them have ever considered me being Asian (or not) for a reason to go out with me or not. 
As for my girlfriend looking like Megan Fox. In reality, she is even better looking than Megan Fox. I tease her all the time about how I love being with her because people stop staring at me. She constantly gets stopped and asked if she is Megan Fox, some Playboy model, some other actresses I never heard about.

She just clings onto me tighter and says ‘no’. I just roll my eyes at times if the people gets too curious or invasive. And yes, I have come close to kicking the crap out of some guys who have tried to touch her (appropriately or not). 

As for not feeling discrimination. I consider that a subjective term. No race at the present is more discriminated against than the white man. The white man is constantly ridiculed and jeered publicly by other minorities. And if the ‘white man’ makes a stink, he is called a racist where he instantly loses his reputation, credibility and may even face legal issues. True? Yes. It is.

As for the term ‘yellow’ and jaundice. Puhleeze. Asians are not yellow. But they do have a yellow undertone. Just as middle easterners aren’t green. But have an olive undertone.

As for knocking a guy down for lacking an epiphany? Umm, that is where most revelations come from. When one is totally down and at the bottom. No alcoholic ever goes, “man, I am so buzzed and happy right now. I think I will join AA because I am an alcoholic’. I know a ton of alcoholic and drug addicted people. The ones that get better are the ones who recognize their issues, whether by themselves or another who is truthful (and not sugar coating it). The ones that don’t get better are the ones who think it is societies fault, it is so and so’s fault etc.

And you’re right. It doesn’t matter what the race of the person in whom you love and are in love with. But this very website is dedicated to asian men hooking up with white women. I accidentally stumbled on here because so many of my asian guy friends kept commenting on how ‘lucky’ I was to date ‘white’ women when I have always considered a non issue. 

As for not knowing what it was like being picked on solely because I was asian, you’re right…and wrong. When I was in grade school, and I used to scrap it out with the other boys. Some of the hateful crap that was exchanged along with the punches was ‘you stupid chink’. I would say things like ‘fuck you whitey’. Was that racism? I wouldn’t consider it to be. We were having a school yard scrap. I fought a lot. With the Italian boys, with Greek boys, with Portuguese boys, with Asian boys. 

Is my post getting too long? I do space it out with nice paragraphs though, don’t I? 😉


khmergurl July 13, 2012 at 7:21 pm

 Brandon/Jimmy/Who ever next?

I do love the spacing of paragraphs, very nice! When I referenced the term “yellow fever”, I was not implying that you said it. I was stating that term from the other article on “yellow fever fetish.” As an educated person, you should also be sensitive to other’s feelings. You are correct in the fact that if a person was an alcoholic, you should be point blank with them.  The problem is, you are neither his counselor nor his confidant.

White men are discriminated against on a certain level, but Asian men  and other minorities in particular have to bare the brunt of society’s view of them.  If you google what a sexy male star is, you will 98% of the time find that it is white.  We never see an Asian male in an acting role being the hero AND the ladies man. 

Yellowish hue – Maybe being married to a southeast Asian has skewed my vision, but I see his skin as having an olive color with no yellow in it.  Maybe a little orange, but no yellow. =)

This site – I found this site because I was taking an ethic studies class and also being married to an Asian, I wanted to find other people like me. I find J.t. to be awesome in trying to help people find their potential mate.  Love should not have boundaries! I think is it interesting that Asian males are mostly at the top in certain things an are aggressive go-getters, but seem to lack the same “drive” in the dating world. 

Done yet? – for now yeah! 😉


Brandon July 14, 2012 at 10:02 am


You know…

Your husband is a very fortunate man that you are his wife. Your writing that genuinely conveys concern and compassion is awesome!

As, for ‘how I did it’. The strange thing is that I don’t feel that I did anything. It was and always has been natural. Don’t get me wrong, I do like to look at pretty girls but it is the beautiful women that I am naturally with.

And that is the key word I just wrote: naturally.

I am very comfortable with myself. Always have been. Did I go through an insecure teenage phase? Sure, I would be lying if I said I didn’t. But I still dated ‘pretty’ girls.

I truly do not want to be mean or denigrating. It is not just ‘average’ asian men that seem frustrated with not being able to go out with gorgeous women. It is ‘average’ men in general. The bantering here by the asian guys unable to go out with hot non-asian women are so filled with excuses for their own short comings that it is literally crippling them because of their own self pity and unwillingness to be look in the mirror, point their finger at themselves and say ‘You suck in life. Now go out and be better’. Instead, they blame western media portrayal of the ‘asian man’ as being their stumbling block.

I live in a very wealthy suburb that is very very VERY white. 99% wasp. Tons of churches and very conservative. Not only do I get along with everyone in my community, I am profoundly respected and fawned upon. I have given so much guidance and advice to my ‘white’ friends kids that I feel like I have the largest family in the world. I get invited to their graduations, birthday parties, weddings etc etc etc. If you want to talk about being the only ‘asian’ face in a sea of rich conservative white people, you are talking to that man right now.

So, that is ‘my’ experience with white people. Do not think for a second that I am the ‘only’ asian guy in this area. The surrounding areas have enclaves of high density of asians. I am not a novelty nor a curiosity.

And I know that you, Khmer, are not with your husband because he is asian. How do I know that? Because I am not with my girlfriend because she is white. You are with your husband because you love him for who is is. Him being asian is just a part of who he is. 

And ‘that’ is the key. The guys here drive and want to be with a ‘white’ woman. If I told my girlfriend that one of the reasons I am out with her is because she is ‘white’ will not only creep her out and find it disgusting, but she would pack her crap out and leave me faster than a tornado ripping through a trailer park in Arkansas. I can not say it enough that I am with my girlfriend because she is an awesome amazing person. Yes, she is beautiful. Yes, she is white. Yes, she is tall. And! Yes, she is smart. Very smart. Yes, she is caring. Yes, she is loving. Yes, she is considerate. Yes, she shares the same sense of humor and life outlook as me. Yes. Yes. Yes.

Until the ‘asian’ guys get over thinking that their problems are not being ‘asian’ but really themselves, they are just spinning wheels in mud. I personally think it is disgusting and revolting that the asian guys here are so fixated on wanting to be with a ‘white’ woman.

I just took a quick look over my post. Wow, it is long. Thank goodness I type fast and think even faster!!!


Nova July 14, 2012 at 10:18 am

There’s nothing wrong with having a preference dude.

What's Up May 19, 2014 at 9:47 pm

I completely agree with you Brandon.

Way too many “Asian” guys here having this obsession with “White” women and also blaming on their race as to why they fail with attractive women. I have never realize that being “Asian” was a problem with getting attractive “White” women (it’s not) until some “Asian” friends of mine brought it up.

My advice for you “Asian” guys is to work on loving yourselves because why in the world is anyone gonna want to be around a person that doesn’t. Stop playing the blame game on the media, US culture and society and start blaming on no one but yourself for your own loser life.

khmergurl July 13, 2012 at 7:33 pm

 One more thing – Sorry! I think what would help men that frequent this forum is if you could tell them how you did it. How you have confidence in having a beautiful girlfriend that sees you for you and not because you are an Asian male.  How a person looks, should never matter in the affairs of the heart.

I picked my husband not because he is Asian, it is because he is a caring, highly educated and treats me like a queen. Relationships in general take work. You have to be their lover, best friend and critique. a Yin to their Yang. If you cannot invest this time, then you shouldn’t commit.

I think I am done? Maybe! =)

Reply August 20, 2012 at 6:45 am

this site is promoting to date an asian men. Try it you migh find your one here.


Kathrine Goodrum September 9, 2012 at 3:18 pm

I think is the network to check out right now, it’s pretty new and fun


CUte September 12, 2012 at 7:49 pm
Paulo R September 16, 2012 at 1:41 am

I agree with the other poster here, white or caucasian women are more real and will defintely show interest, vs an asian girl. Ive dated a wondeful Swedish girl which is 2 inches taller than me. They are very liberal minded and the shyness in me disappeared bcoz she is just too aggressive for me. Which is good since that made us connected. Ive learned a lot from her. Specially learned that america is diverse, but racially devided over relationships va asian men.

I hope this all change.


xxx October 18, 2012 at 3:33 am

not all asian men are good . my ex was filipino he hit me for 2 years and then slept with a positute 2 weeks after i gave birth to his daughter , then he walked out on me and his daughter , however i do have hope of meeting a nice asian man


GM October 18, 2012 at 8:53 am

Do white woman be interested in asian man from asia countries (e.g. Japan)?


Dave December 5, 2012 at 12:38 pm

Heather I am a Asian guy from MAryland and I find you very attractive. I’ve only dated white girls.


Dave December 5, 2012 at 12:41 pm

PS if I saw you in public I would def. approach you.


M December 6, 2012 at 8:03 pm

She doesn’t date any asian guy (actually none of these women would on this site), it helps if you’re rich and fairly attractive. Most attractive women like Heather are not very attracted to asian men, that’s why you have to have them come to you, not the other way even if you’re attractive…it never works.


Heather Johnson February 3, 2013 at 11:49 pm

Hi! Heather here 🙂

I’ve only dated Asian guys my whole life, except for my very first date (we can’t all be perfect). I’ve dated the gamut, from broke-ass college kids to six-figure salarymen. If you looked through pictures of past boyfriends, you’d be surprised at their looks – a few even constitute as “ugly”, even though they never were to me.

While I have done the approaching, I’ve been approached as well. It works both ways. I am incredibly attracted to Asian men, and I would think I don’t have to prove that much more than I already do, seeing as how I write articles for this site.

Thanks for reading!


M February 9, 2013 at 4:08 pm

Sure I understand that, because there are non asians who only date specific ethnicity. I just mean’t most caucasian women that are attractive like yourself very rarely would date outside her race unless if the guy (regardless of his race) look like a supermodel or extremely wealthy and stands out like the typical alpha male.

Black, Latin, and Pacific Islander men are the more standard look caucasian women want who like ethnic looking men. I have some friends who are east asians that tell people they’re Pacific Islanders and get very pissed off if anyone questions they’re ethnicity being east asian. Believe it or nor they get dates all the time because women believe that they’re not east asian because my friends are pretty tall like over 6ft.

Anyways, there are some attractive women like yourself that like asian guys but finding one (especially if the girl is attractive regardless of her race) is like finding a needle in a haystack. Very rarely an attractive woman (regardless of her race) would approach asian guys (even if the guy is extremely good looking) in English speaking countries. I’m really good looking, tall (6’3″) east asian guy that dresses nice, but I never get approached even though I hang out mostly with white friends of mine (and my white friends get approached all the time and they’re very shy compared to me). I just don’t get it.


What's Up May 19, 2014 at 8:07 pm

Maybe because your not as special as you claim yourself to be

Jason June 29, 2014 at 7:32 pm

your funny!

agreed with What’s Up

you dont get it? well like What’s Up said its because youre not as special as you claim yourself out to be.

Im 100% asian, in the us and guest what? i have hot white women approaching me all the time.

ive fucked these gorgeous blonde babes that you can only dream about in your small head because while you struggle to get one to even look at you, i have them coming up to me telling me they want to “fuck me” right here and then.

you sound like a typical asian guy. it doesnt matter that youre built bigger then the average asian guy. youre still a typical LOSER small dick beta asian guy internally.

i can also tell youre fucking ugly. how? well you consider heather an attractive women. to me heather is nothing but average. so our standards in attractiveness is totally different.

me? well im what the west consider a very attractive guy. how do i know this? well who knows best what a hot guy is? women. im consider very hot in the eyes of women and not self claim like you.

stop bringing up the race card to justify why your such a strike out with women. its not because your asian, its because youre not only butt ass ugly but ugly on the inside.

kevin smith March 13, 2013 at 11:51 pm

In our conversation, she made many of the verbal indicator of interest that I’ve heard in the past and that I’ve come to recognize as flirtatious signals from a woman when she’s attracted specifically to Asian men (and therefore to the likes of you and I).
Read more


Racheal May 6, 2013 at 7:58 pm

I haven’t dated to much, but the men I have dated happened to be Asian, when people asked how they were so comfortable to ask such a “hot white girl” out… (I find these questions lame) they both replied they didn’t think being Asian would hinder anything. This topic of Asian men needing help is stupid. I have never had problems either way. If someone’s attractive it doesn’t matter if I’m white. If you find someone attractive GO FOR IT.


Dragonball Evo movie is racist May 7, 2013 at 10:08 am

It’s not stupid, and it’s not about needing help…it’s uplifting. This is a liberal site, there really isn’t many interracial couples with an asian man compared to asian women here in the U.S. That’s cool you allow asian men to ask you out considering you’re very attractive. I’ve been told I’m attractive for an asian man but I haven’t had much luck. I’ve notice minority women always want to ask me out but rarely white women. There have been some white women that were very interested but they were either mean women, hot women that were already taken, or women who were grossly overweight.


chie Chaie April 7, 2014 at 11:24 pm

There is a lot of Asian men with White girls. Thats why there so many caucasian families with names like Lang, Sing, and Locke


Matt June 24, 2012 at 9:52 pm

I am highly educated, and I have  a PHD.  What I’m saying is women are the gatherers ok?  Since women are the gatherers, there is truth to stereotypes for asian men of east asian descent.  Most east asian men are not the dominant selection for white anglo women, white men are, than it’s black, latin, middle eastern, sometimes pacific islander and east asian men are last.  This fits with Darwin’s natural selection, survival of the fittest.  If you don’t believe me, just read this article.  Asian men are conspicuously absent in many or just about all western/American pop culture.


Matt July 7, 2012 at 2:01 pm

Again, YOU ARE TOTALLY MISUNDERSTANDING ME BUD!  I was NOT saying a guy has to make a fool of himself to impress an attractive female, you’re right this will make you look like a wuss and desperate.  What you’re saying is what I was saying with my rant in my earlier posts, being all negative and trying to rationalize things in a negative way without even doing much research.   What I’m saying is there are techniques you can learn from pickup artists like JT that’s not going to make you look like a loser.  

For example, a friend of mine once told me (and he’s not a physically attractive looking guy), when he was at a bar, some hot chick bumped into him by accident and she said sorry to him but what he said made her curious about him. Instead saying of what most people would say like “sorry, or oops,” he said instead “I didn’t see you” and she just kept looking at him the whole time.  And this is just what my friend was telling me, he’s not even a pick up artists, but he studied other men who were successful with beautiful, intelligent women and some of these men who were successful are not physically attractive at all, but they have those skills for attraction.


Brandon July 7, 2012 at 4:57 pm


You are going to find that being ‘attractive’ is but a small, very small part of being with a woman. Forget even good looking women for now.

So, okay, you learn some ‘skills’ to be attractive. What next after you run through your list of ‘tricks’ to get a girls attention? Right. You are still the same guy except that you learned some routines and lines to break the ice.

Big F’ing deal about getting the attention of an attractive girl. What are you going to do with that? Do you have the inner personality and confidence to to be WITH a pretty girl?

I am not even talking about beautiful which is a totally different league and sport.

You keep talking about your friend did this and your friend did that. You talk abut a white girl defending your honor. Wow. Really? A girl needs to defend your honor and you wonder why chicks don’t dig you?

Here are some tips:

Stop referring to white people as white/anglo. Unless you live in the UK, chances are very high that the white people you meet are not ‘anglo’. Personally, I think you are way more racist than any white person I know.

Start living in reality. If you are average, chances are very very high that you will be with an average girl. If you want a gorgeous girl, put that phd to work and make some money. You want hot pussy without any effort? That is called fantasy land.

Stop taking every encounter so seriously and personally. Yes, there are people in this world who are dicks. I am one of them. And I am also brutally honest.

Stop thinking that you’re attractive. I have never seen you but you’re not. If you were, girls would be lining up to suck your dick. Until that line forms, consider yourself unattractive.

Work on yourself to be a better person. Stop being a victim. Stop blaming the media. Stop blaming society. Only losers do that.

Stop living vicariously through other people. Your friend attracts this girl, my friends are unattractive blah blah blah. All the same thing. It is lame that does nothing productive in your life to improve yourself.

Listen to other peoples opinions. The person may not be right but if you listen to them and respect what they have to say, it will make you a better person. I piss you off because I listen (read) to you and basically repeat your poison back to you attached with reality. You hate it because the truth F’ing hurts sometimes.

Start knowing who you are. What your passions are. What makes you tick. Doing this makes you interesting to others. 

Stop fantasizing about hot beautiful unobtainable women. It will do nothing but create sheer disappointment in your life. If you fantasize about them, you can’t get them. There is nothing wrong with looking at gorgeous girls but face reality if you are average. If you want to put it in material terms: I don’t need to fantasize about driving a kick ass mercedes because I have one…more than one. It’s a car to me. Just as my girlfriend is my girlfriend. I tell y’all she is beautiful to make a point.

Dude, I appreciate your honesty and putting your emotions on your sleeve for everyone to read. If you think I am being a F’ing jerk. Then I am a F’ing jerk to you. No skin off of my nose.

You can choose to continue to be defensive and think that someone like JT et al (see, I am edumakated) is going to solve the problems you have with yourself by showing you some tricks and routines to meet girls, then F that, I want to sell you something too.

Or you can consider what I have written to be wise, albeit harsh (albeit!!! I am edumakated) and start using it to become a better person for yourself so that the excess of awesomeness trickles over into every aspect of your life which includes money and girls (hot ones are even a possibility).


Matt July 7, 2012 at 8:46 pm

Your post made no sense.


Brandon July 8, 2012 at 12:20 pm

I know that it wouldn’t make sense to you.


Matt July 8, 2012 at 11:38 pm

Your just ranting about my old comments so you can feel better about yourself.  Your life must be very complex, considering your posts are so long.


Matt July 9, 2012 at 7:32 pm

Being all negative will gain you nothing.  I made my apology, would you rather that I keep ranting?   Why even bother to continue to make someone feel even worse, what positive things comes out of it?  


Brandon July 9, 2012 at 5:23 pm

Nah, I can comprehenda thousand thingsat once and type very fast. And you will find that what you say in the past will always haunt your present and affect your future.


Matt July 9, 2012 at 7:34 pm

That’s why I made my apology.


Brandon July 9, 2012 at 10:25 pm

Matt, an apology is great. It shows you are compassionate. You, and even I, are here to learn. You, on how women think in general. Not just ‘white’ women. But women in general. 

I treat my friends with brutal honesty. Not only have I never offended them, they fully respect what I have to say whether it is right or wrong for them. 

Honesty is not about being right. It is about being ‘honest’ with yourself then in return, honest to others.

Being nice, I found, gets one only so far. Being an asshole only gets you so far. But being honest, truly honest, opens endless doors.

That is why I do not believe that practiced routines, tricks and rehearsed lines are good for yourself or others.

You are not being yourself and you are not presenting the real you. you are lying on both ends. And no, two wrongs do not make a right.

Sure, you can justify it by saying that it helps break the ice. Great. But what will happen if you do get the ‘attention’ of a hot babe? What next? Do you stick your tongue down her throat or have her grab your crotch? That is why it is dangerous to play out of ones league. Start with what you are comfortable with. Average gets average.

I had a friend (not a vicarious story), who loved chasing pretty ‘white’ women. I have told this story a few times already. He is at best, a below average asian looking guy. Nice as hell but average in appearance. He got used so badly by pretty ‘white’ girls that it was not only sad but I was angry for him. I never told him that he was playing out of her league and that she was using him. That moment still hurts me in a way. 

So perhaps, with my stories and experience, one can find contentment and happiness. 

You may ‘think’ that it is in the arms of a smoking hot white/anglo non-asian babe. But, in reality, no. It isn’t. Happiness is found within oneself first. Then one can share that inner happiness with another. 

Good luck, m’man! Life is a bumpy journey in a car with no shock absorbers.


Matt July 10, 2012 at 1:51 am

I never said the white women that flirted with me were attractive, they were just average looks.  I said I was physically attractive.


Jason June 29, 2014 at 7:48 pm

stop calling yourself a attractive guy. unless you got hot women calling you attractive, youre just a ugly loser till then.


Brandon July 14, 2012 at 12:33 pm

You are totally correct in that there is nothing wrong with preferences.

I prefer Android to iPhone. I prefer coffee over tea. I prefer Mercedes over BMW.

But, if you can’t see that these are material things and we have the freedom to choose these products, given you have the money, then it is yours.

When you ‘prefer’ a woman because she is ‘white’, then you consider her nothing more than a ‘product’. And people are not even remotely close to a ‘product’. Heck, you can choose living things like a dog, cat or fish. But people. Not even close.

Good luck justifying your ‘preference’ of treating women, let alone ‘white’ woman, as a product and commodity.


Nova July 14, 2012 at 5:39 pm

I know what you mean to not judge by the color of someone’s skin, but I was referring to preferences that promote equality like this site for asian men.  Many white people still have a view of negative stereotypes about asians (particularly asian guys) and there are very few or hardly at all positive things for asian guys to help them to be perceived as being an American.  I don’t see any harm countering those negative stereotypes to something positive like what this site is promoting.  

Like it or not, your argument may conflict with many supporters of this site particularly by white women who love asian men and vice versa, why would you want to discourage those rare interracial couples for?


Brandon July 15, 2012 at 9:45 am

I am curious how you consider this website promoting ‘equality’ of ‘asians’ and ‘white’ people. The very mention of race and interracial relationships automatically defines difference.

Of course there are white people who view asians in a negative light. Heck, asians view other asians with a lot of contempt as well. It is nowhere near unique that some ‘white’ people have a negative or stereotypical image of ‘asians. Surprise!!!

Again, it is pretty weak minded and excuse generating to constantly blame media for poor representation of ‘asians’. I have brought up blacks and latinos media portrayal as thugs or they dance a lot. So, no. I do not buy into the whole negative stereotype perpetuation is due to western medias constant portrayal of how asians are.

And are you kidding about me discouraging ‘interracial’ relationships? Though I have never seen it that way, I am in an interracial relationship. And do you know how much I care about being in an interracial relationship? Zero. Do you know how much I think of her and I as an interracial couple? Yep. Again, zero.

Rare? Really? My very first girlfriend was blonde. I didn’t know that it was unique, cool, awesome…whatever. All I knew is that I liked this girl and she liked me. 

Are you and everyone starting to get the idea of how my girlfriends are ‘white’? Do I need to spell it out for y’all? 

Stop treating ‘white’ woman like they are different’ Stop thinking that they are better than you. Stop thinking that you are forever wedged into some stereotype that is someone elses doing. Stop blaming the ‘white’ man. It is pathetic, spineless and women (of any race) find it disgusting, weak and pathetic.

I personally do not care if my views conflict with those women who prefer ‘asian’ men. I see Alice and Jocelyn’s  pictures in stereotypical (pretty much racist) asian clothes and poses. THAT to me is ‘racist’. 

How are ‘asian’ men suppose to be accepted in America? By being and accepting American values. By stop thinking like a frickin’ asian guy living in Asia. If you want to be ‘asian’, go back and live in Asia. If you want to be ‘American’, then be American.

I love my asian culture and heritage. I love my parents. I love my immediate family. I am American first and asian second. Why do I not capitalize ‘asian’.? Because there is no ‘asia’. It is a conglomeration of countries like Europe. Asia and Europe. 

I am always curious why JT and his crew never ask me to tone down with what I say. Is it because this is a free speech forum? Maybe. But he owns it.

Perhaps, I am doing free work for him. I do not sugar coat loser behavior. If you are a loser, you are a loser. If you want to change from being a loser to a winner. Then change yourself for yourself to be a better person.


Nova July 15, 2012 at 1:03 pm

You seem to have a superiority complex, and I wasn’t even going there dude…playing the racist card lol.  Pride is one of the seven deadly sins you know lol.  

What I was saying about preferences is that website like this can boost the confidence and positive perceptions about asian men instead of the negative that many European descendant  Americans don’t know except what they know and what so bad about that?  

Not saying you’re a mean guy but you sound like the type that rather than being supportive of something that’s uplifting, you would rather be opinionated about it.


Brandon July 15, 2012 at 2:12 pm

The space is getting small on my browser so that is why I am replying to myself.

Call it a superiority complex. It doesn’t matter to me. I know who I am and where I stand in life. I have worked very hard to better myself for me and even harder on my profession. And yes, I am in the top 2% of ‘Everything’ that one would want in a person. Call it narcissism. Call it egotistical. Call it whatever you want. But, when I walk into a room. I do not need peacock clothing, a fedora, bullshit pick up lines or silly bar tricks to get the attention of anyone.  

As for playing the race card. EVERYONE here plays it ‘except’ for me. If you read my replies carefully, the last thing I consider is race. Everybody here (asian males especially) play the race card. They ‘feel’ discriminated against. They feel victimized. There may be some truth to what they say. But in my experience, it has been pretty much the opposite.

The moment one sees a difference, there is a difference. My girlfriend has never ever once considered me to be asian. I am hers and that’s that. 

And what is the quote about pride being a deadly sin? Sorry, but you are not my pastor nor my religious counselor. That was a very weird comment.

As for this website boosting confidence and positive perceptions. The majority of the crap I read here is all negative. ‘asian’ men bitching and whining like little girls because they couldn’t get the attention (forget about kiss) of a pretty ‘white’ girl. How does that boost confidence? I would say that it is a negative. 

As for being supportive and uplifting. What the fuck? Is everyone here a sensitive little bitch? Does mommy need to hold your hand while she blows your nose? Or are you a man? Can you look yourself in the mirror and go  ‘Fuck you, loser. Be better starting now’ and truly do something about it?

I have never seen true growth from being truly encouraging. Constructive criticism has always been the bench mark for people with true drive and ambition. I don’t want to hear how great I am or ‘can’ be. I want to know what I did to fuck shit up and not do it again. Here is some ‘constructive criticism’.

Stop playing dance dance revolution. It’s gay. 

Stop playing world of warcraft. It’s gay.

Stop hanging around your geeky friends. They’re gay.

Stop listening bullshit the media telling who you are and what you should do. Have a brain of your own. If you don’t, then you will continue to wallow in your self pity of suckiness. 

Stop looking at hot chicks and think that you can get with them. You can’t. Until you can hang with the average chicks and be above average with them. You will not be able to be with what you consider a hot chick.

Grow some balls or have the one you have drop so that you become a man. Take charge of the situation. 

I am the most supportive guy in the world when I believe that what you are doing is beneficial. I am not going to slap you on the back and say ‘good job on the average job, I think you will make ceo in a very short time’. That is bullshit and lying. My version is, dude, you did an average job. You are not going to make ceo unless you start negotiating better deals and increasing the revenue and stock holders margin. 

I am not supportive of anything uplifting because it is just something someone is trying to sell you. I would prefer to beat you down as hard as I can. If you get up from that, then you really do have it in you. No one can give you that or take it away. If you need positive reinforcement to do anything. You are going to have a very disappointing and superficial life.

I will step in front of a bus for the ones I love. Every one else is bullshit to me. That, is the definition of a superior complex to me. And everyone I know would love to be in my circle.


Nova July 15, 2012 at 1:11 pm

I have a grammatical error in my comment, I wish there was a way to edit, I meant to say, “What I was saying about preferences is that website like this can boost the confidence and positive perceptions about asian men instead of the negative and what so bad about that? 


Nova July 21, 2012 at 2:04 pm

I am not entirely disagreeing with what you’re saying and you’re right many non asians have high regard for asians because of their perceptions about asians being hard working, however, asians making a living in western societies are viewed like an underdog because they don’t get the credit they deserve (this is where negative stereotypes comes in) and I don’t know anyone that wants to see an underdog to fail.  And so what if asians and non asians complain about hollywood.  Many don’t like to see unfair representation because hollywood sometimes benefits from discrimination/racism.  Websites like this can bring awareness and what’s so bad about that?


Brandon July 22, 2012 at 12:28 am

I personally love watching the underdog lose. I laugh and laugh when that happens.

Why? Because the underdog losing is ‘exactly’ what is suppose to happen. When the underdog wins, it is called an anomaly. The Chicago Cubs has not won a World Series since 1908. They are always the underdog every single season. Everyone roots for the loser while the Yankees have won the most World Series since then.
Rooting for the underdog is for losers and dreamers. And both rarely get anything done.

And you are right, asians ‘can’ be discrimnated against. Why? In my opinion, is because they see themselves as ‘asians’. They create their own discrimination. I see it happen all the time.

I have no idea how and why ‘asians’ complain about unfair representationin hollywood. First of all. Who the F cares. I can’t believe that anyone with a tenth of a brain would care about poor media representationof asians in hollywood. 

And websites like this bringing awareness? I stumbled on here because my asian guy friends keep telling me that I am their ‘hero’ for dating beautiful white women. I thought that this was peculiar and started looking into it. That is how I found it. Not because I felt oppressed or treated poorly but because I was a ‘hero’ (really? still can’t believe that). And became curious about it to the point of finding out more about this.


Nova July 22, 2012 at 3:29 pm

You are misinformed, and you are soooooooooo negative and not wanting to help at all.  Why put down fellow asians for?  You should celebrate and appreciate your culture instead of making fun of it.  It’s people exactly like you that there will never be any social progress, because people just like you just don’t care and would rather make fun of things!  If you really are an asian, than you must be a self hating one like some asian women trying to climb the corporate ladder while at the same time putting down fellow asians.  You should take your overzealous, George Zimmerman patriotic pride elsewhere.  And, American entertainment industry have benefited from discriminating minorities, they made money…DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND??.   You have no place here, take your negative attitude elsewhere buddy and jerk off to Palin’s photos! 


Brandon July 22, 2012 at 11:54 pm

Hate to tell ya but I am far from misinformed. Far far far from it. 

And for not helping? If you can’t wee what I write as pure insight, then it is you who have the narrow short sightednessthat can not understand what happens in the real world.The ‘real’ world,you know,the one you don’t exist in…is far from helpfuland much less sympathetic. If you need sympathy to get girls, then you are not going to get very good ones let alone good looking ones. 

As for my not celebrating my culture. What does that even mean? Ever seen an illegal immigration parade wherethe ILLEGAL immigrants are waving flags from say, Mexico, while in the UnitedStates? If they are so proud of being ‘Mexican’ they really need to wave that flag proudly in Mexico. Why would anyone be proud of being ‘asian’or ‘Mexican’ while trying to be the best they can be in the UnitedStates?

So, is it I who am a self hatingasian guy? Or am I an asian guy who can not embrace, let alone WANT to understand,American culture. But instead expect othersto bend to your needsand understanding.

And it is maybe you haventmastered the english language yet but I have repeatedly written that if there is a negative asian stereotype in AMerican movies. Then there is an equally, if not more so, negative white stereotype in asian movies. Yeah,Ihave watched asian movies with white guys in there. The white guys are portrayed as stupid, smelly and lazy. 

Where is your defense for their negative portrayal? 

Slightly hypocritical perhaps?

And nah, I don’t need to beat off to pictures of Sarahpalin. I have hot sex with my hot tall blonde Swedish girlfriend pretty much every night.


Nova July 27, 2012 at 10:04 pm

No offense but you must be benefitting from racism.  I still don’t think you understand what I’m saying when Hollywood is benefiting.  If you look at the movie “21” that story is from real life and the main people involved were asian but Hollywood chose caucasian actors for the film and the only asian actors you see are slot-playing losers.  If you go way back, you do know Bruce Lee helped come up with the Kung Fu Tv series and the main character was supposed to be portrayed by Bruce Lee.  Also, The Last Airbender and Dragonball Evolution films became popular that started from minorities and it’s a shame Hollywood still doesn’t care other than making money.  


Jason June 29, 2014 at 7:37 pm

hey man!

like you i never had a problem with hot white women.


to What's Up June 30, 2014 at 10:58 am

To What’s Up, Jason and Brandon are the same person, he or she is nothing but a troll. Dating is tough…there are a lot of things that goes against an asian man in the U.S. The other day when I was at a park, I overheard a white girl that kept going on and on about a short Chinese guy that wanted to flirt with her and was giggling with her friends in a prudish way. That kind of bothered me. I’m asian and I get noticed a lot by attractive women but looks aren’t everything to women, although it helps.


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